Frequently Asked Questions – Customers

If you don’t see an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us! Our experts can be reached via email at, or by calling (866) 385-3706.

Where are you located?

Record Nations has member companies located throughout North America. You will get quotes from local companies serving your area. We offer services in records management solutions, record scanning and storage and offsite records backup services. The companies we partner with all meet our requirements and are ready to provide you with outstanding service.

How do you charge?

We charge by volume. Our prices are for storage by the box or tape and scanning by the image. Fees may also apply to index your documents and for retrieval.

How long until I get quotes?

You should receive quotes within hours of submitting a quote request. A quote will be customized to your specific job and the amount of work that it will require. The quote will be custom to whether records management solutions, record scanning and storage or offsite records backup services are needed.

How much paper can fit in a file box?

The amount of paper that a standard file box can hold is about 28 pounds.

How many pages can fit in a file box?

The amount of pages that a standard file box can hold is around 2500 pages when in file folders.

How much lead time do you need to schedule service?

We can usually be at your location within 24 hours. Often times we can arrange service the following business day.

What kinds of document scanning are available?

We specialize in bulk scanning for companies that are looking to go paperless, but we can offer assistance with any scanning need that you may have.  Click here to read more about the different kinds of document scanning services we offer.

Where do we do our document scanning?

If you have the need to see everything being scanned, and also need to make sure that none of your records leave your office, we will make sure that we can go to your location.

If you don’t mind having your records sent to an offsite facility to complete your scanning project, we can also take your paperwork to our facility and finish the project.  Click here to get more detailed information!

What’s the turnaround time on a scanning job?

The turnaround time varies greatly because scanning project is going to be different.  The only way we can gauge how long it will take to finish your project is if we know exactly what your project looks like.  Click here to see the types of questions we’ll ask you.

What is the average price of a scanning job?

A typical scanning job is going to charge right around 7-12 cents per page- BUT one of the first things you want to look into when you start a scanning project is how much you have to scan, and what your project will look like.  The price of your projects will vary according to exactly what you are looking for.

Where will my documents be scanned to?

We make sure to scan your documents in the best way that is going to benefit your business whether that be disks, cloud storage, USB storage devices, external hard drives, or on your computer software that you have set up already for your company. Click here to learn more about what might work best for your situation.