What’s the Turnaround Time on a Scanning Project?

The turnaround time varies greatly because each scanning project is unique. The only way to gauge the turnaround time to finish your project is if we know exactly what your project looks like. To make sure we have all the details we need to help determine the time it will take for your scanning project, we have some basic questions we will ask you to ensure an accurate quote, including:

How Many Pages Do You Have to Scan?

This is the first question our experts will ask you. It’s best to have a good estimate to ensure that you receive an accurate quote. One way to tell how much paperwork you have is to count the number of boxes that you would like to be scanned. Use our guide to calculate your amount of paper.

Document scanning turnaround timeSingle-Sided or Double-Sided? 

Double-sided paperwork adds some complexity to the project. You will want to know how many boxes of your paperwork is single sided or double sided. This helps us figure out what your scanning project will actually look like in its entirety.

How Much Prep Work is Involved?                

Check to see how much of your paperwork has staples and paperclips that need to be removed.  The more prep work that needs to be done is also going to be a factor in the price of your project.

Do you have lots of documents to scan?

The price of your scanning project is going to change according to the amount of documents you need scanned.  If you’re looking at a million pieces of paper, the price per page should decrease.

Where Do You Want to Have the Project Completed?

There’s several different options on how we can complete your scanning project. If you need to have someone witness the process, or if you don’t want the hard-copy documents to leave the site, we can come to you and do your project at your location.

If you have us come to your location, our focus will be to finish your scanning project as soon as possible and let you get back to your business. If you want to send your documents off-site to be scanned, we can send you secure containers, or you can ship your documents to us.

Having a good idea about these different options will help give us the ability to give you the best quote possible for your entire project.

Time is a Factor

Figuring out the scope of your project is one thing, but when it comes to bulk scanning projects, it can be difficult to figure out the cheapest way to go.  The other factor to consider is the amount of time it will take to actually complete the project.

These questions help us gauge how long it will take to finish your project. A typical scanning project that is taking an average size business and making them paperless can take just a couple of weeks, but that depends on all the variables that you’re looking at.

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