Medical Record Scanning and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

the cost of medical record scanningThe clock is ticking for medical practices to convert to electronic health records (EHRs). To receive full medicare payments every practice must have achieved meaningful use of EHRs by 2014. This was mandated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Along with the stick comes a carrot – there are billions in grants available for doctors and hospitals to perform the conversion in the same law. An easy way to win—make use of medical record scanning services.

The Cost of Medical Record Scanning

Every practice has either started their medical records scanning or is looking to do so in the next two years. The first question for any business, including a medical practice, is how much the conversion will cost and what is the return on investment. Several thing will impact the costs, including:

  1. How many records are in storage? The larger the volume the cheaper the cost per page for document scanning. However, it makes little sense to digitize records that will not be needed in the future. Most practices will analyze who their regular patients are. People who just came in for one visit or haven’t come in for several years are not worth the effort of digitizing. If required they can be scanned with an on-demand system.
  2. The state of the records. The more work required to prepare the records the higher the cost. The paper needs to be run through a high speed scanner so files stuffed with sticky notes are slips of paper require extra work.
  3. The EHR system being purchased. There are hundreds of companies offering EHR systems. There is a great range of costs for software licensing and hosting. Make sure to get multiple options before picking the one that is best for your practice.
  4. Coding and data entry. After the medical records are converted to digital images that still need to be made functional. Having a couple of DVDs with records does not qualify as “meaningful use.” This can be the most difficult part of the project. Most practices use a combination data abstraction and hand coding. Data abstraction is an automated process that maps information from the electronic records into the EHR. It can dramatically reduce the man hours in the office to get the job done.

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