Document Scanning Services

Digital Records Management SecurityDocument scanning services use professionals with advanced equipment to ensure quick access to accurate and secure digital files.

Protect your business’s assets and make collaboration simple. Whether you need to digitize documents for your human resources department or accounts receivable, for your medical practice or just general business documents, professional scanning services companies get the work done fast.

Hiring a company to scan your documents and convert your paper files to digital versions will improve workflow, increase productivity, and will allow your employees to focus on what they do best—their jobs.

Why Use Document Scanning Services?

  • Improve Workflow: Digital images of your documents allow for quick sharing and database search functionalities let you find what you need fast.
  • Cost Efficiency: Digitize your documents and store them in an onsite server or in the cloud rather than paying for costly onsite storage. The average cost is 7–12 cents per scanned page.
  • Secure Your Information: Digital documents are organized in secure databases with strict access controls.

Loading BoxesHow Document Scanning Services Work

  1. You pack up your documents
  2. Your provider picks up your documents
  3. Your documents are safely transported
  4. Your documents arrive at the secure conversion facility
  5. Your documents are scanned
  6. The digital files are converted to the desired format
  7. The digital files are indexed and organized in the digital document management system of choice
  8. The physical documents are shredded, stored off site, or returned to you


document scanning service process


Document Scanning Service Options

Our expertise bridges a variety of industries, including, but not limited to:

medical records scanningMedical Record Scanning 

Find a better way to treat your patients by improving workflow with electronic medical records (EMR). Digitizing patient’s medical records as well as your billing and accounts receivable documents will allow you to seamlessly operate your practice.

Legal Document Scanning legal document scanning services

Storage costs for large volumes of physical documents can quickly eat away at your budget. Rather than store the documents you need to access in a physical format, consider scanning your documents for simple access from anywhere with an internet connected device.

Dental Record Scanning  dental record scanning services

Scan patient records and x-rays to streamline patient care and improve workflow at your dental office. SSAE-16 compliant scanning services ensure all your patient’s private information remains secure.

Blueprint and Map Scanning  blueprint scanning services

Large format documents such as maps, drawings, and blueprints are a pain to store and access. Scan your large format documents and increase sharing and access capabilities for the entire team while reducing damage done by repeated use of the physical document.

Get Free Quotes on Professional Document Scanning Services Near You

If you’re ready to go digital, calculating the number of pages you need to scan and finding the right provider for your project will get you started. Professional document scanners are fast, efficient, accurate and secure, but finding a local scanning company who can handle your specific project in a timely manner can be challenging.

With a network of partner scanning service providers that stretches across North America, Record Nations eliminates the stress of finding a trusted, qualified, and secure document scanning company in your area. Call us at (866) 385-3706, use our chat feature, or fill out the form, and we will help you find the right service at the right price in your neighborhood.