How Do Scanners Work?

How Do Scanners Work?Whether you are using a network scanner, or a personal scanner, the way that all scanners work is basically the same.

Have you ever wondered just how a scanner actually gets your images duplicated onto your computer?

When you use something so much it can almost just be another part of life, but when you actually think about scanning documents it’s a pretty cool process!

When you put your document on the scanner you may notice that the background on the cover you have to put over it is a flat color.  This is a way for the scanner to actually recognize how large the picture is and where to start and stop scanning.

Once you close the cover you can see a bright light underneath, this is just a lamp that illuminates the image in order to give you a picture you can actually see.  You then have the scan head, which is made up using mirrors, a lens, and filters.

This scan head will slowly move across the window to actually duplicate the image.  The scan head is pulled by a small motor inside of the scanner.  The picture will be duplicated through a series of mirrors in order to place the image onto the lens which actually puts the image through the filter and onto the CCD array.

This whole process is done in one single pass with newer scanners.  It is amazing to see how a scanner actually works.  There is so much going on inside of this machine just to make sure that your documents can go straight to your computer.  Technology continues to grow and I can’t imagine what’s in store for us next!

Choosing the Right Scanner for Your Home or Business

If you’re considering purchasing a scanner, but don’t know where to begin, we have some questions that you can ask yourself to understand what you really need in a scanner so you can make a smart purchase.  Check out this article on choosing the right scanner to get some tips.

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