Large Format Scanning

Architectural Drawings to ScanOversized documents require bulky storage in tubes, flat drawers, and hanging files. Searching through large documents to find what you need can be frustrating and difficult. Large format scanning transforms your oversized documents into digital files that can be found with a simple keyword search.

This specialized scanning service was designed for businesses that handle blueprints, architectural drawings, schematics, and other oversized documents. It can also be used by anyone handling documents over the standard printer paper size. 

Converting your large documents gives you better access and editing abilities and makes it possible to share large documents quickly for greater collaboration among your team. 

Large Format Files

Large format scanning allows you to effectively manage oversized documents. We can scan a wide variety of files including:

  • Engineering Drawings
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Blueprint Drawings
  • Circuitry Diagrams
  • Topographic Maps
  • Building Plans or Drawings
  • Designs of Manufactured Products
  • Specifications
  • Site and Project Plans
  • CAD Drawings
  • Surveys
  • Oversized Photos or Posters

Large Format Scanning Benefits

High-resolution digital files are easy to use, find, and share. Converting your large format documents can be very beneficial to the efficiency of your business. 


When your documents are scanned, they will be indexed by important identifiers. Indexing enables you to find your digital documents using a keyword search. This gives you greater accessibility, eliminates wasted time, and allows for centralized digital storage.


Large format documents like blueprints and drawings tend to become damaged as they are handled and used. Digital documents create a permanent record that does not fade or deteriorate over time. Digital documents can also be easily backed up to prevent data loss. 

More Space

Large format documents take up huge amounts of physical space. You will reduce your need for physical storage, saving you money and allowing you to better utilize your office space. 

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