Preventing Data Loss When Using a Cloud Service

Preventing Data Loss When Using a Cloud Service

One of the biggest concerns people have with cloud services is security. They fear that storing data on offsite servers could provide weaker security and data loss. However, cloud services are a great way to backup data.

You do not need any extra hardware and once it’s been set up, the system can be set to automatically back up your computer.

1/3 of respondents in a Harris Interactive survey admitted to never backing up their computers and data. The survey came to the conclusion that only 7% of users practice safe computing by archiving their systems on a daily basis. Cloud services provides an easy alternative to long disruptive data backups.

Even with the convenience of cloud services and the prevention of data loss, it is important to keep your data in the cloud secure. Here you will find 10 tips to preventing data loss when using a cloud service.

6 Tips to Preventing Data Loss

Create a strong password

76% of cyber-attacks of corporate networks are due to weak passwords.
A strong password should include all of the following:

  • At least 8 characters, the longer the harder to crack
  • Skip using your real name, last name, or company name
  • Do not use only letters
  • Use numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and symbols if possible
  • Update passwords regularly and try to have a different password for every account

Store your Passwords Securely

By creating difficult and multiple passwords it becomes harder to remember them all. That is why finding a secure place to store them is advised. Check out these password management applications for a safe place to store passwords: KeePass, Password Safe,LastPass, or 1Password.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

On top of a password you can also add an extra layer of security by having two-factor authentication. Usually it will send you a code by text or phone call which allows you to then access the cloud data.

Use Secure WiFi

Data transfers over public WiFi networks aren’t encrypted, so hackers can exploit these public networks to access your computer or smartphone. When using public WiFi be aware of what documents you are putting at risk.

Check your Cloud Upload Settings

Most cloud services have automatic upload and back up settings. Check these and make sure you are only uploading and backing up data that you want saved in the cloud. The default settings might not be the best option for your data.

Backup Your Media OfflineBackup Your Media Offline

While it is important to prevent undesired media from ending up in the cloud, it is equally important to backup the data that is important to you. An offline backup of your media is not only important for when your computer or smartphone is lost, stolen, or severely damaged, but also for when somebody hacks into your cloud account and deletes all of your data! Check out some of these back up services that can keep your data safe

We Can Help

Following these tips can protect you in the cloud. If you still have questions about transferring to a cloud service, or which cloud storage is best for you give our experts a call. Record Nations is able to find a cloud service that will work for you. You can trust that your documents will be completely secure and and handled by helpful professionals.

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