How to Handle Your Records Management

In the past, pamessy paperworkper filing systems were the only option for businesses to keep track of their important documents. Some still prefer this method because of its convenience and simplicity. However, is this still the best option?

Regardless of the type of business you are running, it is important for you to keep track of certain records. How your business goes about doing so is up to you, but there are options to make the process easier to manage so that it makes more sense for your business functions.

Because of the numerous advancements in technology throughout the years, there are now better solutions to your records maintenance needs.

So what other options have developed over the years, and which is best for your business? Here are some explanations and advantages of each to aid in your decision:

What Are My Document Management Options?records storage


Whether you’re looking for more efficiency, protection, or you simply just need to clear up some more space in your office, we can help you to find the right solution:

  • Offsite Document StorageFor those businesses that prefer the paper filing system, there is still a way for you to utilize more of your office space. Offsite records storage facilities will pick up, organize, store, and deliver your confidential business files for you.
  • Offsite Backup Tape RotationWith a backup tape storage system, your information is transferred to tapes that are transported and stored in a climate-controlled offsite facility. Your storage facility will pick up, deliver, and rotate your backup tapes as necessary.
  • Document Scanning ServicesBy using electronic data storage, your files are scanned into an electronic management system where you are easily able to pull up any information through youelectronic records managementr software. This adds an extra level of security in that your information is safe if any type of disaster were to occur.
  • Cloud StorageSimilar to data storage systems, cloud storage converts your paper documents to digital files. This option also provides you with that extra level of security, but the difference is that cloud storage allows you to access your files solely through the use of an internet connection.

Each system has its own advantages, so making the decision depends on your specific business needs. No matter which option you choose, Shred Nations can get you connected with contractors in your area.

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