Top Mistakes You’re Making Online That Hackers Love

Whether it’s posting the wrong photo, or not paying attention to the terms and conditions when downloading from an internet browser, these are the top mistakes you’re making online that hackers love.

Top Mistakes You’re Making Online

  1. Filling Out Online Forms – There is a difference here when filling out a form on a trusted site vs one you stumbled upon. The scary truth is that many websites collect information about online activity and turn around and sell that information without your permission. Make sure you understand how the site will use your information after filling out the form box.
  2. Announcing When You’re On Vacation – Social media is mostly to blame for the new phenomenon of sharing with the world when you’re away from your home. It’s no wonder hackers look for photos indicating you’re away from your home to make an easy entrance.
  3. Accepting Friend Requests From People You Don’t Know – Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, accepting a friend request from a stranger puts you at danger big time. Hackers use fake profiles to get a closer look into your life. They can then collect items of information such as your phone number, email address, interests, and eventually your identity.
  4. Clicking On Links Sent Via Email – A good rule of thumb is to always hover over any link sent to you via email. Check to make sure it’s sending you to a trusted source before ever clicking on it. Phishing scams are a key way hackers can send bugs into your computer and download private information. When in doubt – just don’t click!
  5. Using Public Wi-Fi – While it might seem like a great way to not use all the data on your phone, public wi-fis are an easy way for hackers to see everything you’re doing. A better, more secure, option is to simply use the 3G or 4G service from your phone.

Protecting Yourself Online

While you might think you’re too insignificant for a hacker to target your information, think again. Identity theft continues to rise across the globe. As we continue to make our information open to hackers, we continue to put our identities at risk.

You can still protect yourself online. Always edge on the side of caution when using the internet, and always ask the question “am I sharing too much?” on social media. Doing these two basic things can help protect your identity from potential threats.

Start Practicing Online Safety At Home And In Your Business With The Right Data Management System

Homes and small business owners are being targeted more than ever by hackers. Make sure your information is secure by setting up the right data management system for your business and/or home.

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