How Reliable is Cloud Storage?

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The convenience of moving your documents and data to a cloud storage solution has a big appeal to many businesses. However, there are some risks involved in moving to the cloud. Malware and ransomware can prevent access, paralyzing your business. Data breaches are another factor, and many come from break ins to cloud storage. So how reliable is cloud storage, and how much should you trust it?

The first thing to consider is your internet access. With the proliferation of remote work and high speed internet access, this concern is largely a thing of the past. However, if you have employees or offices in remote locations, it could be something to think about.

More important, particularly with the continuing rise of cyber attacks, is the security of your connection and office network. Important documents and data moved to the cloud will only be as secure as your weakest security factor.

How do I secure cloud storage?

Encryption and proper access permissions are key to a secure cloud storage policy. Many cloud storage companies provide encryption services, and you can double this protection by building in your own encryption protocols. You can also create a system of secure access by only allowing employees and contractors to access parts of the cloud necessary for their job. By sectioning off the cloud, you can make it more secure, and the lives of your IT team easier.

Network permissions and server access also play a key role. If hosting the documents on an internal server, make sure to set up a VPN to your server location. This will limit access and help mask the connections made to the network. Wired office networks make security easy, as they require a physical connection. However, it’s likely that your company runs a wireless network as well. For this, ensure that you have authentication enabled.

Does cloud storage protect me from natural disasters?

Natural disasters may not be on the forefront of your mind, but they do happen. If disaster strikes, you can rest easy, as cloud storage will provide a reliable backup. It also provides a much cheaper option than backing up documents on paper, where you have to make a copy and keep it at a second location. When you are working with electronic documents on cloud storage the backup process is simple. You set up a routine that creates a second copy on another server located on the other side of the country. If your local or primary server goes down, all you have to do is grab the files from the secondary server.

How reliable are cloud storage providers?

A consideration when choosing a cloud storage partner you do need to investigate the reliability of the servers. They should be using a sever collocation facility with backup internet and power. You don’t want to risk losing access to your documents in Phoenix because the server in Houston lost power.

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