How FACTA Impacts Records Management

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) was enacted in 2003 to ensure the protection of consumers’ personal data. It provides consumers with the means to monitor their credit scores and dispute inaccuracies. FACTA guarantees that businesses are taking precautions to prevent identity theft.

FACTA’s Impacts on Businesses

A Records Destruction Plan

Since FACTA has strict requirements about credit card information, you should have a regular schedule for shredding. Any records that contain secure information should be shredded, leaving no chances for violating FACTA regulations. Your schedule should specify which records are to be shredded and in what timeframe.

Written Policies

Your company’s handbook should cover policies for shredding and record maintenance. Written policies help you stay within compliance of the regulations and keep records secure. Consider using a Document Management Service to help create a retention schedule for all your records.

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