How Patient Portals Benefit You As Well As Your Patients

A patient portal is a secure website that gives patients easy, 24-hour access to their personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Portals benefit both patients as well as providers. For patients, they allow them to send messages, view test results, and schedule appointments online, in turn helping providers to save time, money, and promote patient engagement.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out how patient portals can benefit both patients and providers.

Video Transcript

How Patient Portals Benefit You and Your Patients

From the position of a healthcare provider, there are 3 main benefits from using patient portals, including the ability to save time, limit costs, and promote patient engagement.

Save Time and Streamline Workflow

save time and money with patient portalsDuring the workday there’s always a long list of things to take care of, however with the help of a patient portal, providers can trim their daily to-do lists down.

With the patients’ ability to schedule appointments and end providers messages via the portal, much of the practices administrative work and the time that goes with it can be reduced or eliminated altogether.

Limit Operating Costs and Save Money

Stemming from the benefit of streamlined workflow, patient portals also help to save money via the time that portals can save by automating basic administrative tasks.

Wages previously used for an employee to man the phones and manage appointments or answer general patient questions can instead be invested in more valuable uses of time.

Improve Communication and Patient Engagement

message your provider with patient portalsOne of the most valuable benefits of a patient portal is how it encourages and improves patient engagement.

By having the opportunity to view test results, send their provider messages, and become more involved in their own medical care and treatment plans, patients will be more motivated to take control of the general health and wellness and potentially even lower their care costs.

Benefits From a Patient Perspective

Pay Your Bills View your account summary, get procedure estimates, and review your insurance information.
Manage Your Medications View your current medications, dosing information, and refill status
Schedule Your Appointments Schedule new appointments, review past visits, and view upcoming appointments
Message Your Provider Ask questions on test results, visit follow-ups, and request refills
Review Your Test Results View past test results, who requested the test, and the date it was completed

Would You Benefit From a Patient Portal?

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