Businesses Need Offsite Records Storage

Why Businesses Still Use Offsite Records Storage

Online storage is the order of the day in our modern digital world. Documents, music, images, video, and other types of data can be securely placed in online storage areas known as “Cloud Spaces.” While there are many options available for documents that don’t contain sensitive or confidential information, your options are narrower when security has to be considered. However, there are some documents and regulations that require retention of the original hardcopy document. That can mean significant amounts of physical storage space and the trouble that comes with it.

Record Nations’ network of providers can help you set up secure and reliable storage solutions. It doesn’t matter if you have hundreds or millions of documents to store. More importantly, they can also provide a comprehensive management system that helps you track and access documents within your archive quickly. There are numerous benefits to using an offsite storage solution for your business. We’re going to help you understand how they help.

Important Benefits Of Offsite Records Storage

Reclaim Storage Space

offsite records storage saves space

When you consider the sheer amount of space used for storing physical documents, you realize one of the core benefits of offsite storage. Reclaiming office space provides room for additional operations within your business site. More staff, more equipment for increasing productivity, or even just creating a more spacious worksite to improve staff morale are all benefits of this reclaimed space. Many business owners are surprised at just how much space has been dedicated to storage once that space is cleared out.

Quick Access To Records 

There is a misconception that accessing your records in remote storage is slower than when they’re in your office. Not only do you still have access to them with our network archive services, but there are additional steps that can make finding them faster. This is accomplished through a robust document management system provided by the network of service providers available through Record Nations.

Keeping Your Archives In Order 

There’s nothing more important than being able to properly manage your archives. The point of archival isn’t to simply free up space and lock away your documents. You need to be able to manage them, find them in a moment, and make sure they’re available on demand. Our experts ensure that any document you may need can be quickly and effectively accessed from our storage facility.

Protection Of Your Data

When your data is carefully stored in an offsite facility, you can rest easy that unauthorized access has been rendered a near impossibility. When your documents are stored in a little visited office room, in desks, or across multiple storage devices, unauthorized access is a greater risk. Further, it can be difficult to store this data in a way that is safe and free from environmental hazards. Offsite storage ensures your documents are absolutely secure, properly restored, and only able to be accessed by authorized personnel.

Efficiency of Work

Have you ever considered how much time is involved in going through your documents, sorting them, and finding the ones you need? How many times have you discovered a document that was stored improperly, resulting in it becoming damaged, lost, or being found in a place where it doesn’t belong? Offsite storage can help eliminate these problems and free your employees to get actual work done.

Improved Perception By Clients

Offsite storage adds a degree of professionalism to your business by improving response time and confidence. Nothing brings your business into question like having to communicate with a client that their documents have been lost or damaged. Even overhearing conversations like these while communicating with you can have a detrimental effect. Offsite storage allows you to quickly and confidently reply to client inquiries. You’ll always know where your data is located.

Access Restrictions

When your business frequently handles sensitive information, you must ensure it never falls into unauthorized hands. Offsite storage provides another level of security and access control. These allow you to protect this information and keep it from the wrong eyes. We’ll maintain the security of your document while you focus on meeting your client’s needs.

Relieve Legal Concerns

Some organizations and industries are legally required to retain immense amounts of physical data. These laws serve to protect the information and make sure that it’s available for a given time. However, this data often requires being stored according to specific requirements. Dispose of these documents before that, and it’s possible to receive painful fines. In some cases, storing past a certain period is also restricted. These concerns are eliminated with offsite storage as we’ll ensure your documents are stored for the proper time. Once that time has passed, we can instantly destroy documents that must be eliminated at that point. Act according to your wishes for those that can be stored indefinitely.

Level Up Your Offsite Records Storage With Digital Documents

Reclaim office space with digital storage from Record Nations

Offsite storage is a great foundation for improving the efficiency and security of your workspace. You can take it another step by incorporating digitization of your documents into your workflow. When you combine these technologies, you get an unprecedented level of security, efficiency, and savings. When combined with offsite records storage, you get these additional benefits.

  • Instant Access To Records – With an offsite record system, there’s a delay between requesting a document and getting access to it, even at its most efficient. Combining an offsite record system with document scanning and a document management system means that your documents are instantly available from any authorized internet-enabled device.
  • Eliminate Risk of Damage – When your documents have been scanned into a digital format, accessing them doesn’t mean risking damage to those documents. The originals will be left in place in your offsite storage. The digital copy is brought up in the document management system. 
  • Reduce Paper Waste – As you transition from hardcopy to digital documents, you’ll experience a reduction in the overhead costs associated with physical documents. While some documents may still require a hard copy due to regulations, a significant amount of your documentation can be stored digitally.

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If close attention isn’t paid to avoiding it, offices can become more disorganized and stressful over time. Clearing out space and removing clutter can help reduce the disorganized environment that impacts your efficiency and causes stress. When you coordinate with Record Nations, we connect you with our network of providers to ensure you find the offsite storage solutions that fit your organization’s needs. 

These providers can help you improve your entire document storage system with digital scanning, offsite storage, and document shredding services. You can fill out our contact form to start discussing the next steps in improving your office environment today! You can also call us at (866) 385-3706 to speak with one of our staff members. They will schedule a consultation with your team and guide you in improving your experience with document management and storage

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