Businesses Need Offsite Records Storage

Why Businesses Still Use Offsite Records Storage

Businesses today have enormous amounts of data for which they must account and manage. This includes added equipment to handle all these electronic records or storage areas to accommodate paper records. Government record-retention requirements for tax and business purposes can make record retention a cumbersome and costly task.

Business IT departments have to add records management to the growing list of responsibilities when managing computer systems, networks, software, and electronic documents. While they understand cloud storage, paper records storage might be more difficult to manage. So why do businesses need offsite records storage for their business?

Offsite Records Storage Saves SpaceRecord Nations' offsite records storage saves space

Most businesses retain copies of paper documents for at least seven years, some as long as the business is old. When it comes to accommodating several years of documents on-site, the task is cumbersome and hard to manage.

Besides having to sort through paperwork manually, onsite record storage takes up valuable office space. Hiring a company to come in and scan all of these documents into an electronic system is one way to offload onsite record storage. Another is to choose an offsite storage facility where it may be cheaper to keep business records.

Increase Security by Storing Your Records Off Site

Increase security with offsite records storage from Record NationsMost of the records a business must keep include proprietary and confidential information. Onsite storage can create security problems and give access to these records to employees or people who should not have access.

By moving records to offsite records storage, the only people who can gain access to these documents are those previously authorized to do so. Besides the added security, offsite record storage also provides added protection against catastrophes and disasters that may occur.

Records Retrieval is Easy With These Time-Saving Search Features

records storage services with Records Nations allows for quick retrievalBefore sending your records to an offsite records storage facility, they are cataloged, categorized, and imprinted with a bar code that identifies file contents. This information is added to an office storage company’s database which makes it easy to search for needed records.

Instead of having to troll through countless file boxes to find archived or important documents, simple computer search features allow quick and easy access to documents. Most documents can be retrieved within the same day or the day after a request is made.

Protect Against Natural Disasters

One of the most important features of using an offsite records storage facility is the protection offered to businesses’ most important documents. When catastrophe strikes in the form of earthquakes, weather problems, floods, or other unforeseen disasters at your business location, important documents are kept safe and secure.

Record Nations allows you to have a disaster recovery plan

Most offsite storage companies plan for catastrophes and disasters to accommodate record storage. Offsite facilities offer temperature and climate controls, flood protection, fireproofing, and underground vaults.

Make Sure You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan

Businesses need to consider adding offsite storage for important computer backup programs. By moving important backups from the business location to an offsite storage facility, a fail-safe is in place in the event of a disaster.

Businesses need to develop a disaster recovery plan that includes step-by-step priorities for re-establishing the business. Often a company can find online templates to help create a disaster recovery plan. To get a business up and running after such a disaster, having backups at a different location can speed the process along.

Compare Plans and Prices Before You Choose

Compare offsite records storage options with Record NationsThe state and federal governments use offsite storage companies to archive important and historic documents. If the government uses these resources, it makes sense for business as well.

When considering an offsite record storage company, check the reputation of the company. Review business references and ideally find a provider with proven records of accomplishment.

Does Your Business Need Offsite Records Storage?

Information governance is an ever-changing field as federal and state laws require more retention and faster discovery. We can help you manage your hard-copy records and even guide you through the transition to a paperless office.

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