Software and Tips for Backing Up Business Data Systems

Backup tapesIf you’re using a traditional backup service instead of a cloud-based backup system, this section will help you out by highlighting all the different software systems, file types, and methods.  Backing up business data can help keep information protected from hackers, corporate spies, and your competitors.

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  • Types of Files Should All Businesses Be Backing Up Regularly 
    Every business should be making file and system backups daily. Store backups in an offsite secure location. If something happens at the business’s physical location, backups are protected. Here are some of the most critical files that your business should be backing up.
  • Tips for Ensuring Your Backup Records Remain Safe
    Companies and small businesses spend billions of dollars on software and hardware that safeguards information. In recent years, hackers exploited machines and retrieved millions of records illegally. Get tips and information on how to make sure your backup records are as protected as you can make them from identity thieves and hackers.
  • The Best Formats to Use To Back Up Your Computer
    There are three different kinds of back up systems that you can utilize to make sure your data and system information is protected against failure, or a virus attack. Learn what these three formats are, and what you should use to back up your critical files.
  • Best Types of Backup Software
    Backing up important data can prevent the loss of vital information if a problem were to arise. Learn about some of the best software systems that you can use for file-based backup—and some of the alternative ways you can back up your system and data.
  • How to Keep the Size of Your Backups Smaller 
    Companies can save time, money and optimize data by reducing the size of backups. Learn about some of the most effective ways to ensure your backups are optimized to reduce their size and time it takes to create each backup of your system.
  • Backing Up Your Computer Is Much Easier than it was 10 Years Ago 
    Backing up a computer used to be a time-consuming process—and companies made millions of dollars trying to make it more efficient. Now, you don’t even have to click a button to back up your critical systems. Learn more about the progression of backup systems in this article.
  • How People Backed Up Their Computers Before 2000 
    Backing up computers pre-2000 proved to be a bit challenging. Backup utilities were rudimentary, registries were easily corruptible, and physical media offered few options for storage. Still, users always found ways to back up their system files. Some of their backing up tricks are still in use today.
  • The Best Practices for Backing Up Your Mac  
    Check out some of the best practices for backing up your Mac. There are a few simple steps you can take to back up data and protect your customers’ information—some of these methods can require external media or the use of integrated backup software that can be found right on your Mac.

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