Record Retention Guidelines by State

Burden of ProofIt can be difficult to keep track of all the regulations when it comes to record retention. Every state has its own rules on top of the federal government rules. Many people don’t know that each state has what is called a State Archivist.

The State Archivist has many responsibilities, but one of them is to document the state’s record retention guidelines for businesses and individuals.

With that in mind, we created a list of each State Archivist and their website, so you could easily find the record retention guidelines for your state.

Alabama – Alabama Department of Archives and History

Alaska – Records and Information Management Service for Alaska

Arizona – Retention Schedules for Arizona

Arkansas – Records Retention Schedule for Arkansas

California – Records Management and Appraisal Program for California

Colorado – Records Management for Colorado

Connecticut – General Records Retention Schedule for Connecticut

Delaware – General Records Retention Schedules for Delaware

Florida – General Records Schedules for Florida

Georgia – Retention Schedules for Georgia

Hawaii – Records Retention and Disposition Schedules for Hawaii

Idaho – State Records Retention Schedules for Idaho

Illinois – State and Local Government Records Management Program for Illinois

Indiana – Overview on Records Retention Schedules for Indiana

Iowa – State Records Manual and Schedule for Iowa

Kansas – State Records Retention Schedule for Kansas

Kentucky – State Government Records Retention Schedules for Kentucky

Louisiana – Managing Records in Louisiana

Maine – Local Government Record Retention Schedules for Maine

Maryland – List of Approved Retention Schedules for Maryland

Massachusetts – Records Management Unit for Massachusetts

Michigan – Retention and Disposal in Michigan

Minnesota – General Records Retention Schedules for Minnesota

Mississippi – Local Government Records Retention Schedules for Mississippi

Missouri – State Agency Records Retention Disposition for Missouri

Montana – Records and Information Management Took Kit for Montana

Nebraska – Records Retention and Disposition Schedules for Nebraska

Nevada – State Records Retention Schedules for Nevada

New Hampshire – Records Retention Schedules for New Hampshire

New Jersey – Records Retention Schedules for New Jersey

New Mexico – Records Responsibilities and Mission in New Mexico

New York – Records Management for New York

North Carolina – Records Retention for North Carolina

North Dakota – Records Management for North Dakota

Ohio – Records Management for Ohio

Oklahoma – Records Scheduling for Oklahoma

Oregon – Records Management for Oregon

Pennsylvania – Records Management for Pennsylvania

Rhode Island – Records Management for Rhode Island

South Carolina – Records Management for Sout Carolina

South Dakota – Retention and Destruction Schedules for South Dakota

Tennessee – Division of Records Management for Tennessee

Texas – Retention Schedules for Texas

Utah – Retention Schedules for Utah

Vermont – Records Retention for Vermont

Virginia – Records Retention for Virginia

Washington – Records Retention Schedules for Washington

West Virginia – Records Management for West Virginia

Wisconsin – Statewide General Records Schedule for Wisconsin

Wyoming – Records Retention Schedules for Wyoming

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