Record Retention Guidelines by State

Burden of ProofIt can be difficult to keep track of all the regulations when it comes to record retention. Every state has its own rules on top of the federal government rules. Many people don’t know that each state has what is called a State Archivist.

The State Archivist has many responsibilities, but one of them is to document the state’s record retention guidelines for businesses and individuals.

With that in mind, we got a list together of each State Archivist and their website so that you could easily find the record retention guidelines for your state.

Alabama –

Alaska –

Arizona –

Arkansas –

California –

Colorado –

Connecticut –

Delaware –

Florida –

Georgia –

Hawaii –

Idaho –

Illinois –

Indiana –

Iowa –

Kansas –

Kentucky –

Louisiana –

Maine –

Maryland –

Massachusetts –

Michigan –,4726,7-282-61083—,00.html

Minnesota –

Mississippi –

Missouri –

Montana –

Nebraska –

Nevada –

New Hampshire –

New Jersey –

New Mexico –

New York –

North Carolina –

North Dakota –

Ohio –

Oklahoma –

Oregon –

Pennsylvania –

Rhode Island –

South Carolina –

South Dakota –

Tennessee –

Texas –

Utah –

Vermont –

Virginia –

Washington –

West Virginia –

Wisconsin –

Wyoming –

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