Paper Documents Stacked In ArchiveHow many fees does your current document storage company charge you to handle your files?  Do you get all the support you need whenever you need it?  Record Nations can turn your bad experiences into positive ones by connecting you with a local, affordable storage provider.

Lost or misplaced documents can cost your company time, money, and productivity- which is why some companies choose to manage their documents through a 3rd party.

Don’t rely on a national company to manage your documents.  Use Record Nations to save time and money today!

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Document Storage & Management Services

From scanning and managing your digital documents to storing inactive files, we’ll be sure you have what you need to guide you through the various steps required to select a document management system or offsite document storage service that works with your business.

Here are some of the most popular document management services we offer to help you manage your documents better.

Document Storage

document storage servicesIf you’re looking to archive or store inactive records, personnel files, or confidential documents, an offsite records storage service eliminates the headaches involved with managing papers in dozens of file cabinets.  Our local providers also offer HIPAA-Compliant Medical Records Storage.

All your files are stored in a secure, climate-controlled records storage facility.  The document storage company you choose also offers document retrieval services whenever you need them.

If your company needs offsite tape storage and rotation services, Record Nations has you covered! Just request a quote with the form on the right.

Cloud Storage and Cloud Services

Record Nations allows you to find a simple solution for storing and managing digital documents.

Our local providers will ensure your documents properly scanned, tagged, and indexed, then they’ll upload them to a cloud storage service that can be accessed from anywhere.

Cloud services create flexibility and reduce costs by eliminating the labor and onsite storage requirements for your business while streamlining the way you access and manage your documents.

Let our experts figure out what system works with your existing business processes and workflow to ensure you have all the features that work for your business.

Document Management Systems

Document Management Systems- DMSThe transition to electronic document management is changing the way companies do business. Document management systems improve efficiency and reduce the time it takes to manage, store and re-file your documents.

A document management system connects your employees to all the documents they need anywhere they are. Optimize your workflow and increase productivity and security while making them easier to find and manage.

Do you need to import medical records into Electronic Medical Records Software or an Electronic Health Record System?  Our secure online storage systems are HIPPA and FACTA compliant.  Get a free quote on your EMR or EHR today!

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Storing, organizing, and managing your documents whether in paper form or digital is one of the most critical parts of your business.  Record Nations is your one-stop shop for digital and offsite storage services nationwide.

Record Nations has built a network of providers that can handle your physical or cloud-based document storage systems or set you up with a document management system that’s compatible with your current business software.

Use us to help find a local pro to streamline your processes, make the transition to offsite storage or digital file management, and eliminate the costly fees and poor customer service you’re dealing with today!

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