Encryption Techniques—Protecting Your Company from External Threats

encryption techniques for your hard driveEncryption is the best way to protect your company from external threats.

Companies have invested millions and millions of dollars to secure their corporate secrets and protect their business from hackers and corporate spies. Check out some of the articles below to learn more.

Encryption and How it Affects Security and Privacy Issues Throughout the World

  • Encrypting Data for Compliance and Security

    There are three main reasons to encrypt your data: security, compliance, and cost. You need to be sure that any critical information is protected from outside threats, that you’re in compliance with all laws in your industry, and that you understand the costs if sensitive information gets into the wrong hands.

  • Important Encryption Techniques to Implement for Your Business

    Encryption is an important aspect of online and network security.  Without it, your company could be vulnerable to external attacks by hackers and even your competitors.  This article highlights various encryption techniques that should be utilized by every business.

  • The Best Ways to Protect Data On Your Laptop and Smartphone

    There are lots of vulnerabilities that are revealed when an employee is travelling or working from home.  Without the protection of your monitored inter-network security, there’s several ways that your critical business information can be compromised.  This article details ways that you can protect your laptop and smartphone from potential threats.

  • How to Encrypt Your Data to Ensure it is Safe

    Making sure your data is encrypted from the second it’s saved on your networked computers or cloud storage system to the second it’s deleted should be a high priority for your IT department.  This article highlights some of the ways your company can encrypt your business’ information quickly and easily.

  • What Is a Redaction Service?

    Governments and companies have been scanning documents into electronic formats for years.  The problem is that some of the information on the documents can be shared while other information needs to be kept private. The process of removing the sensitive information in a document is called redaction. Some organizations also refer to this process as “sanitizing.”

  • The Best Techniques for Protecting a Home Server from Hackers

    Hackers have been finding ways around security ever since the first network was created.  If you have a wireless network or more than one computer in your household, you could be a target.  Learn more about how to protect your home from hackers by properly securing your network.

  • Why You Should Encrypt Your External Hard Drive

    When an external hard drive is stolen, you face two different challenges. The first is ensuring that the data is protected from being easily accessed by the thief. The second is making sure that you do not lose important data or projects that you have backed up to the drive.  Learn how to properly protect your hard drive with encryption.

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