Different Types of Security In Records Management

Different Types of Records Management Security

Security threats in records management come from all directions ranging from malware and data breaches to theft, fire, or flood, making it essential to incorporate multiple types of security in records management.

In this video you’ll learn more about why using multiple security strategies is important, where top security threats come from, and the specific types of securities used with document management system software and records storage today.

What Is Records Management Security

Records management requires appropriate protections for both paper and electronic information.

There are three main parts to records management security—ensuring protection from physical damage, external data breaches, and internal theft or fraud.

Why Using Different Security Types Is Important

Organizations face a range of security threats that come from all different angles, including:

  • Employee theft and misuse of information
  • Fire, flood, and other natural disasters
  • Data breaches caused by viruses, trojans, and other forms of malware

Since new digital hacking threats are also constantly emerging to target different security weak spots, it’s critical to use multiple types of security strategies with records management.

Types of Security for Paper Records

protected passwords role document management systemsWhen it comes to paper documents there are several strategies used to handle various security risks like environmental hazards and information theft or fraud.

Locked Storage Areas

Using locks in storage areas like filing cabinets is the first and easiest method for securing paper files. By keeping them locked it will keep prying eyes away and the records safe from theft.

Fire and Flood Protection

Although natural disasters are still a risk to filing cabinets in an office even if they’re locked, off-site records storage facilities use fire-suppression and climate-control systems to protect from natural disasters.

Secure Storage Facilities

In addition to natural disaster protections, off-site storage facilities also implement securities like 24/7 video monitoring, locked premises, and on-site security staff.

Types of Security for Electronic Records

Digital Records Management SecurityDocument management system (DMS) software and cloud storage use a range of tools and methods like access controls and encryption to protect files.

Document Redaction

While in the past papers needed to be redacted before they were scanned, today documents can be redacted during the scanning process itself to obscure sensitive parts of new digital documents.

Access Control Lists (ACL)

ACLs are used for limiting access to sensitive files for only those who need it. Predefined lists with authorized users can be configured while any other prying eyes are locked out.

File Encryption

Many electronic document management systems incorporate encryption tools. With file encryption if for example a document is intercepted over an open network, the file will be inaccessible without the decryption key.

Need to Improve Your Records Management Security?

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