How to Scan Dental X-ray Film

How to Scan Dental X-Ray Film

Digital dentistry refers to practices that use digital technology or computer-controlled components instead of mechanical or electrical alone. The term is broad, covering many aspects of dentistry from imaging to medication delivery. Most commonly, the move to digital dentistry will begin with converting patient records, including digitizing dental x-ray films.

Dental film digitizing must be done carefully with specialized equipment that meets ADA and FDA regulations. Scanning must accurately capture the X-ray images and convert them into high-quality digital files. Dental professionals will rely on these images to make a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for their patients.

The Benefits of Digital Dentistry

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One of the greatest benefits of digital dentistry is the easy organization of patient records. With digital files, a quick keyword search can instantly pull up the files you need. Searching through physical files is time-consuming and inefficient. It’s common to misplace and easily lose physical files. OCR scanning will tag and index your digital files automatically to make retrieval fast and easy.

Insurance companies often require the original x-ray to be included with claims. With physical X-rays, that means that you will need to mail in the film, wait for it to be returned, and re-file it once it is received. If the film hasn’t been returned and re-filed when the patient returns for a follow-up appointment, treatment may need to be delayed. This disruption in patient care reflects negatively on your practice and can be easily avoided by digital conversion.

Digital X-rays will also maximize the lifespan of your records. Physical film deteriorates over time due to its sensitivity to heat, light, and moisture. Converting film ensures that your X-rays will not accidentally damage while in storage.

How to Scan Dental X-ray Film

Once you have decided to make the move to digital dentistry, you will need to convert any X-ray film remaining in your patient files. The process of dental X-ray film scanning works like this: 

  1. Collect all X-ray films that you need to convert. Carefully organize your files to maintain accuracy.
  2. Hire a reliable conversion company for HIPAA-compliant scanning services.
  3. Send in your X-rays, arrange pick-up, or schedule on-site scanning services. If you need transportation, a secure vehicle will pick your files up and deliver them to the scanning facility.
  4. State-of-the-art scanners will convert your X-rays to create high-quality digital images.
  5. Your service provider will manually review each image for clarity and precision.
  6.  Scanned images will be delivered to you via a USB drive, hard drive, CD, or encrypted transfer.
  7. Your service provider will safely pack and return the original films to you.

How to Find a Dental Film Scanner

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Record Nations partners with certified dental film scanners nationwide. Our providers offer FDA and HIPAA compliance, as well as excellent image quality. When selecting a scanning company, make sure they can provide the following:

  • Replace the scanned X-ray with the legal original. This makes it easier to comply with storage legalities and insurance requirements.
  • Meet your space requirements. Smaller files will help you maintain large amounts of data, as long as they comply with diagnostic and legal requirements.
  • Meet your time requirements. Ask about turnaround time to avoid any delays in patient care.
  • Ability to scan all dental film sizes including panoramic, cephalometric, and intraoral.

Scan Your Dental X-ray Film with Record Nations

Start your dental X-ray conversion project today with Record Nations. We make it easy to find high-quality and compliant services near you. Give us a call at (866) 385-3706 or fill out the form to connect with local providers. We will instantly send you free quotes on dental film scanning and any other document management services you may need. 

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