Professional Document Management Strategies

unorganized documentsFrom small local businesses to large corporations, there are certain records that must be maintained. A loss or breach of your information could result in severe consequences to your business.

Thinking about the number and types of documents a business is required to keep track of can become quite the headache.

Company licenses, policies, certifications, property documents, employee files, client information, business transactions—the list goes on and on.

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Finding the time to manage all of this is probably the last thing on your mind. Your documents are such a vital aspect to the future of your company. Therefore, finding who to trust with maintaining them is a big decision.

For some companies, the paper filing system is the most practical solution. However, as your business starts to grow, so will the amount of paperwork that you need to maintain. At some point, all of that paperwork will start to take over your office. Hence, you’ll then need a better solution.

So why not now? What if there was a way to manage your records without taking any time out of your already busy day? What if you could get rid of the mess of paperwork in your office? Would you still be able to access any of the information you may need?

Maintaining Your Records—What Are the Options?

Stacks of documents that require document storageImplementing a more efficient way to manage your important business documents is a step in the right direction towards your company’s growth.

But how do you know which system is best for your business? Here’s a breakdown of the available options there are to choose from:

  • Offsite Document StorageMaybe you prefer the simplicity of a paper filing system for your business. Documents and records will pile up during the course of daily work activities. An offsite records management system allows you to clean out the piles and boxes of papers from your office. This is all while still having access to your files if you need them.
  • Backup Tape StorageWhat if you want to clear out all of that messy paperwork from your office, but need an extra level of security in knowing that your files will be protected? With a tape rotation system, your documents are put onto disaster-proof backup tapes. You are able to keep a physical form of your files that would not be lost or damaged if some type of unexpected disaster were to occur.
  • Scanning ServicesSo you’re interested in a more organized way to manage your important files, but don’t want to deal with the cost of an offsite storage facility. A scanning service will convert all of your documents to digital copies, which are then saved to an electronic document management system (DMS). This software can provide much easier and quicker access to your files. Additionally, it won’t take up any physical space in an office.
  • Cloud StorageSimilar to a scanning service, a cloud storage system converts your paper documents to digital files. However, rather than using a software program that you are only able to access from specific devices, your documents are saved to an online storage system. This allows you to have access to your information from anywhere as you have internet access.

Only you know your company better than anyone else. It’s up to you to decide which system is right for your business. For further questions or for more information, Record Nations is just a call or click away!

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