What is Records Management Software? 

records management software

Records management plays an important role in the financial well-being of your business. Not only can improperly handling records lead to monetary penalties and litigation, but inefficient systems get in the way of completing projects and communicating with customers. Efficient records management software can make a difference for your organization.

Office workers revealed that 85% spend time searching for documents daily. Additionally, 60% of professionals admit to spending more time digging for documents than replying to emails. These numbers show the impact of unorganized records management and how it contributes to wasted time, increased frustration, and lowered productivity.  

What is Records Management? 

Records management is an organizational system that handles your records throughout their lifecycle. Lifecycle activities include the creation, use, maintenance, and disposal (or preservation) of your records. A record typically documents a business transaction. Drafts, duplicates, and convenience copies would not be considered records.  

Records management aims to keep records accessible while maintaining ease of use and security. Records can be physical or electronic, requiring different storage and security methods.   

What is Records Management Software? 

Records management software assists businesses with tracking, storing, accessing, sharing, and organizing their records. It is an end-to-end solution that sorts, categorizes, and secures your records to ensure privacy and accessibility.  

The features of records management software can vary, so you will want to consider your organization’s specific needs and goals to select the right software for you. Here are some key features you will want your system to include: 

  • Import and scan capabilities: You will need the ability to import documents from multiple sources, including scanning physical records. This allows you to combine your documents in one place and share them with your team.  
  • Security and protection: Protecting privacy is required for legal compliance. You will want software that protects against unauthorized access to prevent a data breach. Access control and encryption should be included at a minimum.  
  • Automation and workflow: Your software should streamline your business processes by allowing you to create workflows and automate tasks.  
  • Scalability: Businesses need to be able to adapt to the market. Your software should allow for customization as necessary and have the ability to scale up as your business grows.  
  • Tried and True: Select software that is reliable and effective. Research your options and choose a trustworthy brand with a positive reputation.  
records management software

How can This Software Benefit My Business? 

Records management provides an organizational framework for your records to offer easy access and privacy protection. Using software makes the process easier by automating tasks and quickly filing documents.  

Here are some of the many ways records management software benefits business: 

  • Compliance: Document retention and privacy laws will govern how you store, protect, and dispose of your records. Records management software helps you comply with any applicable laws.  
  • Cost Savings: Software reduces paper and storage costs to keep you organized and reduce costs. 
  • Security: Records management software protects against malware and cyberattacks with the latest security features.   
  • Control: End-to-end control of your files allows you to work productively, stay organized, and make better decisions for future strategies.  
  • Productivity: Records management software automatically categorizes your documents to make them easy to find. Your team will no longer have to spend excessive time searching for documents but can focus on more high-value projects.  
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