What Are the Different Scanning Cost Factors?

Scanning cost factors

On average, scanning costs 7–12 cents per page scanned. Despite that, though, the price can vary depending on factors like how much you have to scan or if there’s prep work.

As the size of a scanning project grows, the price per page will often shrink. To take full advantage, it’s recommended when possible to wait and stock up on your papers before scanning to cut costs.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn about the different factors that contribute to the cost of a scanning project.

Video Transcription

1. Paper Quantity (and How to Calculate It)

You can estimate how much you need to scan based on how many boxes of paper you have. On average, a standard box can hold as much as 2,500 pages, meaning 10 boxes would be a 25,000-page project.

2. Single or Double-Sided?

Cost of scanning

Just like how using both sides of a piece of paper doubles its usability, double-sided documents also double the size of a scanning project—making a box of 2,500 pages now hold 5,000.

3. Prep Work Before Scanning

To ensure the full page is scanned, staples, paper clips, and other fasteners need to be removed—adding time and cost to projects.

To avoid the additional fees, try to remove bindings as you go while gathering files.

4. Location: On or Off-Site Scanning?

Scanning gives you the option to either have the scanning come to you and done on site, or instead to get your papers scanned at a secure off-site facility.

While witnessing the scanning yourself is the most secure option and is sometimes required for legal compliance, it also makes the project more expensive.

Scanning Service Cost Benefits

As a whole, scanning services help to cut costs and boost profits in several ways:

  • Saving time which equals money
  • Saving space and the cost to rent it
  • Boosting productivity with simple, centralized storage

Searching for the Cheapest Scanning Available?

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