Legal Document Management

Legal document scanning servicesLaw offices and Attorneys nationwide have an assortment of documents that they use for their practice.  The sheer volume of paperwork involved in just one major case can be in the thousands of pages.

No matter the type of law you practice, it’s critical that your firm has proper document management. Documents for litigation can be managed much more efficiently through digital document management.

Not only do you have instant access to editable files, you can easily code, distribute and secure every piece of evidence, courtroom transcript, or other types of document in the discovery process quickly and easily.

Secure Litigation Document Management

Our local contractors will help you significantly reduce the time it takes to locate, copy, and re-file relevant documents in your legal libraries.  Record Nations offers secure litigation document support services for any size practice nationwide.

From eDiscovery to document scanning and digital storage, we connect you with a local scanning provider that can help you find the right solution for you. You even have the ability to digitize documents with recognition, classification, and automated loading of documents for each case, which helps to improve client service and import your files directly into your in-house document management system.

Legal Document Conversion, Scanning, Indexing and More

Document Scanning ServiceAny document scanning company on our nationwide network can scale to the requirements of each case, allowing you to customize your quotes and provide secure, reliable scanning services at affordable prices.

Here are just a few of the comprehensive services we provide for law firms and practices throughout the country:

  • Data Conversion Services
  • Document Prep, Scanning, & Indexing
  • Coding Services & Custom Tabs
  • eDiscovery (Electronic Data Discovery)
  • Electronic Document Storage, Digital Archiving & Database Management Services
  • Legal Database Load File Generation
  • Bates Labeling and Numbering Services
  • Post Processing & Cleanup
  • Image Stamping
  • Full-Text Document Imaging and OCR, including PDF and TIFF Blowbacks

No matter what type of service you require, we have the local provider that can help.

Comprehensive Legal Document Management Services

Record Nations understands that your team might have a variety of different documents that need to be labeled, itemized, editable, and accessible.

We choose local providers that have the capability to handle whatever your case might throw at them, including:

  • Full client case files for any size paper
  • Floor plans, drawings, contracts
  • Doctor’s reports
  • Photo evidence, Trial Graphics, & Medical Illustrations
  • Custom Timelines
  • Affidavits, Briefs, & Depositions
  • Evidence Books
  • Motions, Pleadings, & Petitions
  • Opinions
  • Stipulation sand

If your firm focuses on Corporate Law, our local document management experts can also handle these types of documents:

  • Evidentiary Documents
  • Transcripts
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Prospectuses
  • Bylaws and Resolutions
  • Corporate Agreements
  • Board Books
  • Takeover Offers
  • Trial Exhibits
  • Class Action Mailings
  • Class Response Processing

We can also handle everyday paperwork and personnel files that need to be secured and easily accessible, including:

  • Human resources personnel files
  • Accounting & finance files
  • Contracts
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Email or Hard-Copy Correspondence

The Benefits of Digital Document Conversion and Management for Litigation

benefits-digital-document-scanning-services-for-legal.Here’s just a few of the benefits of converting to a paperless office for your legal practice:

Minimize or Eliminate Duplicate Files and Copying Costs

Document management systems give you the ability to add version control to any document for every case so you can meticulously track all changes made to document.  This could include time/date stamps, who accessed the file, and even the changes to text within the document.

Increased Visibility Within Your Firm

Digital documents can be shared instantly to multiple attorneys and employees, allowing you to eliminate the need for multiple paper copies of any file. If you need to print any document, scanned documents can usually be converted to a .PDF document and printed within seconds of scanning the file.

Save Space and Increase Productivity

Filing cabinets take up expensive space in the office, use digital document management systems to free up space for your administrative staff, and streamline the process of finding and distributing case files.

Increased Document Security

The sensitive nature of documents that contain personal information and facts about the case can be secured instantly. Upon being scanned into a DMS, each file can be encrypted and password-protected. You can also set security clearance levels to ensure lower-level employees don’t have access to confidential files.

Reduced Discovery

eDiscovery along with other early case assessment tools can help minimize the time it takes to get through the discovery process, and ensure that all the proper information is disclosed safely and securely.

Go Green

Document scanning allows you to reduce the carbon footprint of your office; use electronic documents to eliminate paper-intensive processes and reduce the replication of files.

Get Free, No-Hassle Quotes on Document Management Services for Legal Documents Today

Let Record Nations help streamline your processes through effective document management. We’ll connect you to a local provider that can scan any document or file, and provide you with an easy-to-manage system that allows you to find any loan, contract, or additional paperwork quickly and easily.

Virtually any document management service offers OCR Conversion along with Conversion to PDF, which makes editing, updating, managing, and distributing any file affordable and hassle-free.

To receive a free quote on scanning services in your area today, fill out the form or give us a call at (866) 385-3706.  Within minutes of receiving your request, you will have free quotes from experts in your area that can help you.