Medical Document Management

Medical Records ScanningPatient medical records, billing information, and any personal information that’s connected to an individual is not only highly sensitive information, it’s one of the most sought-after types of information for identity thieves. Secure medical document management is critical in maintaining compliance and organization.

Paper medical records can be easily misplaced or destroyed in a fire, flood, or natural disaster. Converting medical documents to a digital format allows you to easily add them to an EMR system and develop a more efficient document workflow regardless of the size of the project or types of files you want to convert.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and data extraction services are also available for a medical billing and claims processing. Medical record scanning and cloud storage are some of the best options for any company that has a significant amount of paper files that are shared or accessed on a regular basis.

Record Nations can service any size company, facility, or practice in the healthcare industry.

Clinics and Private Practices

Clinics do not have long-term patients or require instant results like a hospital, which minimizes the amount of paperwork and how it is handled. Clinics needs and capacity of their EMR may very greatly from the needs of a hospital.

Similar to clinics, private practices typically do not need instant test results, but they do see patients over a long period of time. Converting paper medical records to an EMR that can be used to share patient files, medical records, and prescriptions can not only save time and improve workflow, but also save valuable time.

Hospitals or Healthcare Networks

Hospital-medical-storage-scanning-servicesHospitals are continuously admitting new patients, ordering additional testing, and transferring files between floors and facilities. When converting to an EMR, you have the ability to implement and convert large amounts of sensitive medical records at one time. This allows you to access patient files quickly and efficiently, which could result in saving a life.

Insurance Agencies

Claims processes for medical issues can be very paper-intensive, which can lead to errors that could cost your agency thousands.  Eliminate the need to rely on paper files and maximize the efficiency of the processes you manage for new accounts and claims with document conversion.

Common Healthcare Documents for Conversion

  • Patient Medical Record Scanning
  • Medical Billing Streamlining and Capture Services
  • Pharmacy Routing
  • Electronic fax archiving and processing for inbound and outbound documents
  • Medical Claims Processing (UB04/HCFA)

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