Backup Tape Vaulting Services

Record Nations Tape VaultIn the past backup tapes were one of the most reliable and cost-effective options for companies to use when backing up their files and records.

While today advancements in technology are causing backup tapes to become a less common backup method, there are still many companies out there that use tapes for backing up and storing their old data.

Due to the nature of their design though, in order to maintain a long lifespan backup tapes need to be specially stored in a controlled environment, which is why Record Nations works with local tape vaulting services that store your tapes in a climate-controlled and guarded facility.

What Are Tape Vaulting Services

While some businesses may choose to store their tapes on site in a seemingly safe place, the reality is these tapes have specific requirements for how they should be managed.

That’s where vaulting services come in. With backup tape vaulting, your tapes are stored off site where they’re kept in climate-controlled facility that has 24/7 security monitoring.

Local tape vaulting service providers are available throughout the country who specialize in taking special care of your backup tapes to ensure that they remain safe.

Tape Rotation Services Protect Your Backup Tapes

Going hand in hand with backup tape vaulting, tape rotation is another important part of ensuring your tapes and the data on them remains safe and up to date.

Tape rotation allows the data contained in the tapes to be accessible without fail, protecting them from excessive wear and damage.

Tape rotation frequencies can be determined by the company’s specific needs based on the importance and volume of data. For example, smaller companies may choose a simple and cost-effective plan while extremely sensitive data might need a more sophisticated, rotation program.

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