Tape & Microfilm Storage Services

While microfilm, microfiche, and backup tape may no longer be the standard for data storage today, in the past they were one of the most reliable and widely used methods of data storage.

With the growing advancement of technology today, these mediums are declining in use. However, these items still serve a purpose since many institutions have their older files, documents, and other data preserved in these forms.

Microfilm and Microfiche Storage

Record Nations Microfiche StorageWhen properly stored, microfilm and microfiche can accurately store data with a shelf life of about 500 years.

Record Nations works with local providers nationwide that have the expertise in managing your storage needs. Our partners have specially-designed facilities that are climate controlled and under constant surveillance.

Maintaining an environment to keep your microfilm and microfiche can be painstaking work. Let the professionals handle your physical offsite storage for you

Tape Storage Solutions

Tape Storage Record Nations

Much like the process involved in storing microfilm/microfiche, specially-designed offsite facilities are available to store your backup tapes. Your tapes will be protected in secure, climate-controlled environments.

With optimal conditions in place, your backup data is set to be preserved as safely as possible.

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