Tape & Microfilm Storage Services

Tape Storage Record NationsTape and microfilm storage provides cost-effective, long-term storage solutions for businesses with large amounts of data. Both options provide offline, archival data storage. You will not have to worry about technology changes over time or the viability of your digital media in the future. Tape and microfilm film offer long-term preservation that can easily be converted to digital images as needed.

Record Nations works with expert storage providers to maintain the specific needs of your tape and microfilm collections. We use temperature and humidity control, as well as air filtration to preserve the optimal environment for your information. Our professionals will keep your data safe and protected, so your tape and film can last for years.

Microfilm and Microfiche Storage

Microfilm and microfiche storage saves data by shrinking documents and storing them on photographic film. Microfilm uses a roll of film, while microfiche is a flat sheet of microfilm. A roll of microfilm can store 2,400 letter-sized pages per roll and a 4”x 5” microfiche sheet can store about 98 letter-sized pages, creating a space-efficient storage system.

When handled properly, microfilm can last 500 years. Its long-term durability makes microfilm the ideal preservation medium. You can rest assured that your information will be saved for decades, if not much longer. It is also very easy to convert your documents to digital images with microfilm scanning.

Tape Storage Solutions

Tape storage saves your data on magnetic tape. Similar to microfilm, tape has a low unit cost and long archival stability. It is an excellent storage option because tapes can be used to restore lost data or an entire system if needed.

It takes longer to create backups, transfer, and move files with tape storage; but is not vulnerable to hacking, viruses, and other digital hazards. The durability and affordability make tape storage a practical solution for businesses.

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Record Nations partners with experienced tape and microfilm storage providers. Our providers know how to properly care for film and tape to make it last as long as possible and preserve your important information. Please contact us by calling (866) 385-3706 or filling out the form to receive free quotes from local storage services. We look forward to working with you.