Scanning Accounting Records

Record Nations offers document scanning servicesThe department in a company that generally produces the most documents is the accounting department.

They receive a lot of correspondence in the mail including invoices, packing slips and statements.

Then they generate a great deal of documents. These are trial balances, invoices, statements, approvals, and financials just to name a few.

There is also many times when the accountants need to access backup. For example, a customer may want copies of all the invoices that were sent to them. Operations may need all the backup for material costs. When this is on paper it may take some time to uncover them all.

Should your Accounting Department Implement Document Scanning?

For a document scanning project to convert records to electronic records to be feasible it needs to pass two criteria. The first is the volume should be substantial. If it is a small volume then it is easy to store. It is also easy to find documents.

It wouldn’t make sense to spend the time and money for the digitization. The second criteria is the frequency that specific documents are required. Some documents can be put in a box and forgotten. They may only see the light of day when they are shredded. Most accounting records don’t fall into this category. They are need both internally and externally.

But the reason that many accounting departments convert to electronic documents is for disaster preparation. If records are only in one version there is a risk to the company. If stored at the business location the risk is even greater.

One fire or flood and all versions of the accounting records are gone. It is impossible to track what accounts receivable is out. For many businesses this can be the margin between the life and death of the company. Electronic records allow for easy backup of the records. The second copy can be in a geographically diverse area.

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