The Average Cost of Scanning Documents

calculating the cost of scanning documentsWith a document scanning service, you can streamline the way you access and manage your documents while saving physical space in your office.

Typically, a scanning project costs anywhere from $0.07–$0.12 per page scanned. However, the cost of scanning documents will vary depending on your location, project size, add-ons, and more.

It’s important to determine how much you have to scan, and any special features or service options you need. The answers to the questions below will help you receive a very accurate quote for your scanning project.

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Questions To Determine Your Scanning Services Cost

How Many Pages Do You Have to Scan?

This is the first question our experts will ask you. It’s best to have a good estimate to ensure that you receive an accurate quote.

One way to tell how much paperwork you have is to count the number of boxes that you would like to have scanned.

If it’s full, a standard letter file box of paperwork is right around 2,700 single-sided pages.

Generally, it’s a quick calculation: number of boxes x 2700 = approximate number of pages.

To learn more about calculating your document volume, check out this page.

Single-Sided or Double-Sided? 

Double-sided paperwork adds some complexity to the project. You will want to know how many boxes of your paperwork are single-sided or double-sided. This helps us figure out what your scanning project will actually look like in its entirety.

A standard letter file box full of doubled-sided paperwork therefore increases one box of documents from 2,700 pages to 5,400 pages.

How Much Prep Work Is Involved?

Firstly, check to see how much of your paperwork has staples and paperclips that need to be removed. The more prep work that your documents need will also be a factor in the price and duration of your project.

Do You Have a Lot of Documents to Scan?

The price of your scanning project is going to change based on the number of documents you need scanned. However, the larger your scanning project, the less your project will cost per scanned page. Some companies choose to scan their documents in bulk a couple of times a year for lower costs.

Where Do You Want to Have the Project Done?

There are several different options on how we can complete your scanning project. If you need to have someone witness the process or don’t want the hard-copy documents to leave the site, we can come to you and perform the scanning at your location.

If you have us come to your location, you will have the comfort of knowing that your records are in good hands. Our main focus will be to finish your scanning project as soon as possible.

Having a good idea about these different options will help you organize your project plan. In addition, it will give us the ability to provide the best quote possible for your entire project.

does scanning services cost depend on time?

Is Time a Factor?

Another factor to consider for your document scanning project is the amount of time it will take to complete.

Taking on an entire office’s paperwork can take a pretty big chunk of time. You don’t want to have one of your current employees taking on that responsibility that could end up taking months to finish.

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