Can Document Management Help Your Business Grow?

Document scanning and records storage both have their advantages. Which one is best for your business?Document imaging is a type of enterprise content management, helping businesses manage content and images within a secure digital platform.

Electronic document management emerged in the late ‘80s as companies sought better ways to manage the ever-growing volume of spreadsheets, word-processing documents, PDFs, and e-mails.

Although document imaging took many past forms, from microfilm to faxes, the term has been used since the 1990s to describe software-based computer systems that capture, store and reprint images.

Today, Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery (cloud services) offers the most efficient, friendly and affordable document management solutions. Records management firms like Record Nations can help you capture, distribute, store and manage your images and documents while ensuring better government compliance.

How Can Document Management Impact Your Organization?

Document management is the capture, storage, and retrieval of paper and electronic documents; for example, an order, an invoice, or a contract. Your company already manages these daily tasks without a document management solution, but the process can be painstakingly slow.

Let’s look at document management at work in a typical small business. When a client places an order, this creates an invoice. The documents are related, but are probably stored in two different places, using different systems or software, and managed by different departments.

Now add a contract, a receipt for delivery, and other related documents, and it’s easy to see just how complex it can become to manage multiple documents related to only one order. Now multiply by thousands.

But we’re not done. Throw in human error – a misplaced or misfiled document, an ordering problem, or an invoicing issue. Now all the related documents must come together for tracking and resolution. And to whom does this task fall? Your staff, who must now halt productivity to collaborate with other team members in order to serve the client’s needs.

It’s an exhausting, disruptive – and expensive — way to do business.

How Document Management Saves the Day

Document management captures and organizes documents into easy-to-find electronic files, tied together by a powerful document management system. Why not just do a better job of storing your documents in a file cabinet?

Because electronic document management is a secure central repository, indexed by whatever criteria makes sense for you. No more time wasted on retrieval. No more lost documents. Productivity increases. Customer issues are solved faster. Voila. Profits grow.

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