Tape Rotation & Why it Matters



If a natural disaster happened in your area and hit your office right now, would you know that your information would be secure?  When running a business that requires you to have a ton of information that is extremely important, you want to make sure you protect that information in the best way possible.  The best way to protect your business and make sure you never lose any of your documents, is to use a tape rotation service.

When using a tape rotation service, it just ensures that you will never lose your information that is essential in maintaining your business.  If you think about a doctor’s office, they have to have information on all of their patients for at least seven years.  If they kept all of their information in the office and something happened to it, what would they do?  Even if they backed up their files on an external hard drive, that can be easily damaged in case of a disaster as well.  The only sure way to make sure that you don’t lose any of your information is to backup your information everyday, or every week and have the information stored at an offsite location.

When using a tape rotation service, the most common practice is the grandfather-father-son method.  This is where you have the backup with the newest information for the month (the grandfather) sent to an offsite location.  Then once a week you have a new full backup (the father) sent away, and once a day you have the newest information (the son) backed up but kept onsite.  This sounds like a lot of work, but it truly isn’t that difficult when you are working with a tape rotation service.  And wouldn’t it be easier to back everything up at the end of the day really quickly than to lose all of the information that is detrimental to your business?