Storing (or Scanning) Medical Records Offsite Makes Sense

Storing Your Medical RecordsMedical offices have a lot of paperwork that they need to file, update and manage.  Even smaller practices have thousands of files that contain patient information that is protected by HIPAA and other privacy laws.

Protecting patient information and providing quality patient care is something that is vital for any medical practice.  Any data breach or inadvertent release of patient information can result in tremendous fines and penalties.  But there’s also those patient files that haven’t been pulled in years, but still need to be retained.  That’s where an offsite storage facility can come in handy.

Benefits of Using an Offsite Medical Records Storage Facility

Freeing up space in your file room can really help make your internal records management easier. Archiving older medical records in a secure offsite facility makes it easier to find current patient files and eliminates the chance of older medical records getting misplaced or discarded inadvertently.

The great thing about records storage facilites is you still have the ability to access your medical records whenever you need it.  You can request files to be picked up or delivered, and most facilites also have emergency retrieval services if you need certain files immediately.

It also provides you with a secure backup to protect against fire, flood, natural disasters, and theft. Storing archived medical records and critical business files in a secure offsite locate reduces the liability and the chance of a catastrophic event destroying your patient’s medical records.

Option 2: Digitize or Scan your Patient’s Medical Records

Another option that is becoming mainstream in the healthcare industry scanning medical records that are hard-copy into digital format.  Because medical records are filled with personal health information (PHI), your practice is obligated to ensure that they remain private and secure at all times. This is not just a moral obligation to your patients, and it is also a legal obligation.

Electronic Medical Record systems help organize your office and streamline patient care- since all aspects of the process can be accessed from any computer or workstation, you eliminate the need to have extensive medical records for every patient on hand.

Electronic Medical Records allow for patient information to be passed quickly and securely from one hospital or medical practice to another, reducing the chance of a misdiagnosis or inadvertent medication reaction.

It also provides an easy way to back up all the information in your patient’s medical records, which reduces the chance of data loss from a disaster and legal risks from a data breach.

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