Benefits of Offsite Record Storage

Benefits of Offsite Record Storage

Keeping records in the office has long clogged up office spaces, wasted paper, and caused risk for data breaches. It takes up unnecessary amounts of space and can expose confidential information to the wrong people.

Off site record storage helps to clear up that space to allow other necessities in the office, while still knowing your important information is safe.

Not only does offsite storage free more space, it also promotes savings, safety, and productivity in the office.

An easy and ecosystem friendly way to approach offsite record storage is scanning your documents. This eliminates those mountains of paper you have to categorize and file, and instead organizes them in a searchable PDF file or external hard drive.

Advantages of Implementing Electronic Document Management Systems and Cloud Storage

By using an electronic document management system or cloud services, you can  save about 8% of your office rental money. You also reduce or eliminate the cost of paying employees to file your documents or keep up on the latest updates to your filing systems.

Productivity in the office also increases because your employees are no longer tediously searching for and placing documents in their files. It saves them time to focus on more urgent tasks. Filing digitally also reduces the risk of documents being lost or inaccessible due to natural disasters such as flooding or fires.

Ultimately, storing your documents off site is all around a pretty good idea. It offers many benefits for your business that on site record storage can block, and offers stronger record management. You will have more space in the office, more security, more valuable tasks for employees, and more savings.

To read more about the benefits of off site record storage check out this article by Michael Sullivan on It explains more in depth why offsite record storage could benefit your business if you haven’t already made the move.

Customized Document Scanning Services For YOUR Business

Our network of scanning service professionals have extensive experience in helping businesses of all sizes migrate to a paperless office or digital filing system.  We use proven methods combined with the latest scanning software and equipment to help create a very useful document management system that will change the way you do business.

We offer a full-service experience to help you manage your documents.  Let a professional, secure company and staff take the hassle out of your records scanning project.  We’ll help you find the document scanning service that works for your business, and then help you through every step of the process,

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