Electronic Medical Records Integration Video

Electronic Medical RecordsMedical practices are under increasing pressure to scan their medical files and convert them to electronic medical records (EMRs), making paper files a thing of the past. However, despite nearly $17 billion in economic stimulus money that is dedicated to medical records scanning, many small practices are still reluctant to make the change.

One of the biggest concerns about switching to electronic medical records is that you will lose contact with the patient.

“I don’t want to sit in front of a patient looking into a laptop,” says one Denver doctor, “I’d rather make eye contact with the patient and observe their symptoms.”

While the doctor acknowledges the benefits to all of the patient data being available on screen, they are worried about the distraction the screen may cause.

However, with effective implementation, this video shows just how an EMR/EHR system can improve day to day functions in your medical practice without hindering the quality of relationships a doctor has with patients.

Electronic Medical Records Integration Done Right


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