Top 4 Steps to Preventing Digital Identity Theft and Data Breaches

Prevent Theft & BreachData Breach and Identity Theft Prevention

Handling a data breach or identity theft is a bit like cooking a Thanksgiving dinner.

You can plan ahead, have all your ingredients ready, and carefully plan out your day to make sure your sides and turkey gracefully make their way onto the dinner table before the start of the final football game.

Alternatively, you can rush to the grocery store the night before your family arrives, fight off an elderly woman for the last can of cranberry sauce, and pray your rock-solid turkey thaws in time over your running faucet and tears.

When you are a victim of a data breach or identity theft, which one of these people do you want to be?

Stay One Step Ahead of Cyber Criminals

With cyber criminals’ methods becoming more and more complex, just about anyone is at risk for identity theft or a data breach. Small businesses and large corporations have both been victims of business identity theft and data breaches, and the number of cases are trending upward.

The most susceptible to becoming a victim of a personal or business identity theft are those who make the common mistakes that cyber criminals are looking for. With some simple preparation, you can dramatically decrease the risk of becoming just another statistic.

Here is a step-by-step guide to preventing identity theft and data breaches in the future:

Steps to Preventing Data Breach Identity Theft1  Protect All Your Private Information

2  Constantly Monitor Your Business Activity

  • Regularly check your company’s finances
  • Watch for any suspicious activity

3  Protect Your Customers

  • Have a plan to protect your customer’s information

4  Have an Emergency Plan

  • Have a back up plan of recovery in case your information becomes compromised


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