Where Does Your Company Fit With Today’s Paperless Trend?

More and more businesses are trending towards a paperless workspace, but the majority of companies in the United States are still hesitant to make the jump.

What is stopping companies from going paperless? The transition period can be inconvenient and the cost of implementing a new record storage system can be too high.

But with the digital age coming into fruition, it seems inevitable that more and more documents are going to be converted from physical to digital copies. The inconvenience and costs of switching to a paperless system are inevitable, so why delay it?

It’s time to find the right solution for your organization.

Why Go Paperless?

Converting to a paperless workspace offers many benefits.

Go paperless and go greenThe first and most obvious benefit of using less paper is the positive effect it makes on the environment. Countless sheets of paper are used in offices throughout the country day after day, year after year. The average person in the U.S. uses 749 pounds of paper each year. Imagine how many trees could be saved if companies began to implement a paperless system.

The second benefit affects your company directly.

Using less paper in your office saves you money. An average employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. Multiply that by the number of workers at your organization for total paper consumption, and it’s clear that the savings on paper alone is worth making the switch.

There is also the added benefit of a more secure workspace. With so many papers floating around, many of which may contain confidential or sensitive information, the risk of one of those documents ending up in the wrong hands is pretty high.

Electronic Document Storage and Management is Secure

Electronic files are also kept safe in the incidence of a burglary, fires, floods, or even a spilt cup of coffee on the only hard-copy version of a document.

A paperless work environment eliminates this risk, keeping all documents stored in a secure, electronic database.

The final benefit is less clutter and more space in your office.

If you choose to manage documents digitally there are companies that offer Electronic Document Management Systems (DMS). The services include scanning documents to be stored in a secure, digital database. This option makes it easy to find and access any document on your computer as opposed to digging through boxes and filing cabinets full of paper.

Take a look at this short video that offers a guide to a paperless office. It mentions benefits such as extra office space, reduced file distribution costs, remote access to documents and more.

Why Keep Hard Copies?

While going paperless provides many benefits, it can be costly. On average, it costs around 7-12 cents per page to make digital copies of your physical files. While this type of solution is usually cost-effective long-term, if you don’t have a lump sum of capital available, going paperless may not be in the cards.

In addition, choosing to scan documents may not even be an option in certain industries. Certain state or national document retention laws mandate that hard-copy formats are a requirement.

Luckily storing documents offsite is a cost effective and convenient alternative for companies that can’t scan thousands of documents.

Offsite Storage Document DeliveryOffsite document storage facilities are climate controlled, offer 24 hour delivery services, usually have shredders onsite to safely dispose of expired files, and on a square foot by square foot comparison cost less than storing files in the office.

Record Storage Solutions

Whether you store your documents off-site or in a digital format, there are good and bad records management practices and strategies.

One common mistake is making an all-or-nothing decision. Companies force themselves to operate on a digital or hard-copy only system, and often times, that only decreases organization and efficiency.

Hybrid document management systems are usually the best course of action, allowing you store documents you reference often onsite, store records you rarely need offsite, and store records that need to be referenced by multiple people on a regular basis digitally.

An all or nothing system rarely works, and offsite records storage can be a part of an effective paperless strategy. Simply set a date after which any new documentation will be created and distributed digitally, and keep older, physical records stored offsite until they expire.

Whether you feel your company is able to handle a hybridized system of going paperless while continuing to use mandatory hard-copies, or you are ready to make the full jump to a paperless system, Record Nations will help you find the right record storage service to make the transition fast and easy.

Let Record Nations Help You Manage Your Records Better

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