How Much Can You Save by Going Paperless?


Switching to a paperless office isn’t just a move that benefits the environment with less waste, but also allows for a faster, more secure way to manage all of your documents and files.


What is meant by going paperless?

Going paperless means that your business or organization is either partially or completely replacing the usage of physical papers to electronically formatted documents.

Business identity theft and data breaches are one of the most commonly associated hurdles when it comes to operating a business, but the information is usually leaked much more differently than you would expect. While the news may focus on hackers breaking into large corporations which raises concerns with the cyber security of your business, more often than not, physical documents are the culprit for the leaks.


What is a paperless office?

A paperless office uses electronic documents and files to house their data, as opposed to the traditional format of paper. Electronic filing systems allow for increased efficiency in document management while positively affecting the environment with less paper waste.


Why Offices Should Go Paperless?

Offices that switch to a paperless environment can see immediate benefits, including the ability to manage their documents more effectively with digital filing systems, eliminating the risk of data breaches from lost papers, and less waste created for the environment.

A better way to manage your documents..

Man mismanaging documentsWith a paperless office, your physical files are scanned and transferred to a document management system that works specifically for your business. You now have instant access to any documents you need with a few clicks of the mouse, as opposed to searching through filing cabinets and storage boxes.

A digital document management system not only provides more productive tools for your employees, but also dramatically reduces the risks that comes with keeping your files in physical formats. Information held on papers are a much easier target for criminals to obtain. Even small businesses see more paperwork than they can handle, and often times papers with confidential information can find their way into identity thief hands.

By scanning and keeping your files electronically, there are no worries with rogue papers in your office. All your data is guarded behind passwords, deterring criminals from even trying to harm your business.


The Price of Converting to a Paperless Office

Even with all the benefits outlined for going paperless, you may be wondering if the conversion process is something that your business can take on financially.

Converting to a paperless office is more affordable than you think, and professionals who’ve helped converted countless businesses have streamlined the process to make it faster and easier than ever.


Paper Documents Expenses Add Up Quickly

Using paper documents may seem like a convenient option, but they are quickly being filtered out in the new age of technologically-advanced businesses.. and for good reason.

A major concern with paper files is storage space. As your business grows, so do your files. Soon you’ll find that your papers are taking up valuable real estate in the workplace that can be utilized for more productive means such as more employees or increased work space. A paperless office allows you to keep all your data on secure computer drives that cuts down on space used to store papers, many of which are rarely used.

Accountant adding up expenses

Another concern with paper documents are the costs inferred with using this outdated format. When using paper files, there is a lot of time spent filing, locating, and indexing these files which take time from your employees. Lost files can also cause headaches for your organization and even lead to some compliance violations. Toner, ink, and printer upkeep also take time and money from your business that could be better invested elsewhere.

With physical documents, distribution takes time for packing and delivery, and incur further costs from postage and envelopes. Paperless offices can transfer documents immediately and without any cost.


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