How Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning Works

Microfilm and microfiche were once viewed as the gold standard in storing large amounts of data, whether it was preserving documents, photographs, books, newspapers, manuals, and other physical files.

What Is Microfilm and Microfiche?

Both microfilm and microfiche use the same methodology: take tiny exposures of each page and store them in their minimized version to save physical space.

Microfilm stores these exposures in a reel while microfiche uses flat sheets, but otherwise, they are very much the same. Other microforms include super-fiche and microprint, which use the same methodology but are stored on rectangular sheets or cards.

Using a viewing machine like the one pictured here, the microform images are placed into the device and the exposures are magnified on a screen, making them readable.

If you’ve seen one of these machines before, chances are it was a long time ago. Microforms are now considered to be very outdated technology thanks to computers and disk storage which allow for more storage capacities and more convenient options.

Microfilm Viewing Machine

How Do Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning Services Work?

The process of microfilm/microfiche scanning is quite simple:

  • All the microform data that you wish to be converted is gathered and properly organized
  • The microform data is sent or picked up in a secure vehicle to the scanning facility
  • Using state-of-the-art scanners, each exposure is scanned into a high-quality, digital format
  • Each exposure is manually reviewed to ensure that the digital copy is clear and complete
  • The scans can be delivered in any storage device the client requests, including CDs, hard drives, and USB drives
  • The original microforms are packed and returned to the client

Post-Scanning Solutions for Microforms

Microfiche StorageConverting the microforms to a digital format makes it easier to view, transport, duplicate and manipulate the data for future use.

While newer files are being created digitally, the old data stored in microforms are still relevant and preserving them is a concern many organizations must endure.

The original microforms should be stored in an environment that helps to maximize their lifespan.

Microforms can deteriorate over time without careful planning, with most complications stemming from natural disasters or unstable climate conditions, such as humidity.

Offsite storage facilities for microforms make it easy to keep your data tucked away in climate-controlled environments that are ideal for their preservation over time. Just a low monthly fee is all it takes to keep these original microforms safe while using your digital copies for everyday use.

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If your business or organization is still holding onto microfilm or microfiche that haven’t been converted to digital, you are running the risk of losing all that data without proper precautions. By scanning them into a digital format, you can access and duplicate them much more easily.

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