Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning Services

Get digital images of your microfilm and microfiche with help from professionals.

Experts can produce hundreds of thousands of images per day from 16mm or 35mm film rolls or from microfiche in any format including jacketed, step and repeat, and COM.

Professional scanning companies use state-of-the-art imaging equipment to quickly capture images of data stored on microfilm and microfiche and convert this information into readable, searchable, digital files.

Benefits of Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning

Creating digital images of your microfilm or microfiche can help you better access information stored on these rolls and can decrease overall storage costs.

Benefits of digitizing microfilm and microfiche include:

  • A reduction in retrieval times
  • Cost savings on valuable storage space real estate
  • An increase in searching efficiency due to indexing and search functionalities
  • Instant access to millions of images
  • Shareable digital versions of once physical items

Ditch your outdated and expensive microform and bring your business assets into the digital age. Store what once was on hundreds of film roles and cartridges on a few CDs or hard drives with professional microform conversion and imaging services.

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Other Scanning Service Options

Document Scanning Services

Rather than take the time and manpower to scan your own documents, hire a professional scanning service provider to do the work for you while you focus on your main job. Services are fast, affordable, and provide high-quality, searchable versions of your physical documents.

Medical Records Scanning Services    

Scanning patient medical records and billing documents helps streamline workflow and increase the safety of your patient’s information. Easily communicate information with your patient and with other healthcare organizations when you go digital.

Legal Document Scanning Services  

Physical storage of legal records takes up space and can clutter an office quickly. Scan your legal documents with professional for fast, accurate, and highly organized digital versions of your legal paperwork.

Large Format Scanning Services

Drawings, maps, and blueprints are a pain to handle and access when in a physical format. Get digital images of your larger documents and easily share and handle them without having to worry about damage caused by overuse.

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Record Nations partners with a network of professional microform scanning and conversion companies throughout North America. Our trusted partners handle both microfilm and microfiche in any format and quickly provide you with accurate digital images of your data.

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