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Proper record handling tends to get pushed to the side due to the intrinsic work-hour costs and general tedium. This is especially true when you have to scan thousands of documents. Procrastination can have devastating consequences for your organization and its record-keeping. Documents that aren’t immediately processed can end up lost or damaged. Or, they can be improperly filed in a rush to catch up. These situations can result in failing to comply with regulations. Therefore, it causes your organization to experience legal consequences, fines, and consequences for their reputation.

How To Scan Thousands of Documents Efficiently

bulk document scanning services with record nations

So what do you do when you have an immense backlog of documents that need to be scanned into your document management system or are part of an industry that produces thousands of documents in a day? The overhead costs of scanning documents are only the equivalent of a few cents per page. However, when you’re processing thousands of such documents, the price can add up quickly. Record Nations team of experts can provide you with options that will minimize these costs, reduce reliance on paper documents, and provide rapid, secure access to documents that have undergone the scanning process. Further, they can help you transition to a paperless system that will reduce costs. Additionally, you’ll avoid those associated with scanning physical documents in the future.

The Benefits Of Scan On Demand

The modern world is driving towards a paperless society that relies on digitization. There are numerous benefits to this, especially as it relates to security, convenience, and safety. However, these features aren’t part of every document management system, so the one you select must have them. One element these systems can possess to facilitate this is scan-on-demand. This process ensures that your documents are scanned at the time they are created, ensuring they are protected within your document management system. 

Some benefits of utilizing a scan-on-demand system include:


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a system utilized by scan-on-demand systems to track documents and scan barcodes. Using these systems makes it possible to identify the precise location of a document within a storage area in minutes. 


RFID provides immediate access to all of your documents, even when they’re stored offsite. Storing them offsite helps you reclaim square footage currently being used for storage, while the RFID system ensures they’re easy to find within our warehouse.


These systems ensure that there’s a paper trail of every individual who has requested a document, or has accessed it. As this is done automatically, it greatly reduces the risk of human error regarding tracking these interactions. This security is elevated further when combined with a scanning system and offsite storage of physical documents. When your documents are scanned on Demand, it’s immediately secure within your document management system as the physical document (if desired) is transferred to your offsite storage option.


A major money and time-sink associated with a paper document system is the time required to go through your files and find the correct document. Even if you know exactly where a given document is, hours of time can be consumed throughout the day finding them. When your records are scanned directly into your document management system, they can be found with a simple search using keywords. This results in regained work hours and a significant boost to productivity as a result.

Scan On Demand is a popular solution for those seeking a way to streamline their document management system and reclaim valuable space. The benefits of moving to a paperless system powered by Scan On Demand brings benefits that can completely change the face of your business’s work flow.

Day Forward Scanning

Record Nations offers Day Forward scanning services for your bulk project

Day-forward scanning is a process commonly used in the early days of a business or organization transitioning to a paperless management system. It is cost-effective and time-effective and helps manage vital documents as those using it process their changes. The first step of this process involves determining a date when a given set of documents will be scanned, followed by the physical copies being stored or destroyed. Using this system allows your organization to have a clear path on the road to processing existing documents that must be handled properly. As new documents are created, they’re instantly scanned into the system as part of the paperless goal.

Some benefits of utilizing day-forward scanning include the following:

Reduced Clutter

Every document scanned into the system is one less document, filling a banker’s box, filing cabinet, or sitting on a desk. Further, scanning new documents as they’re created ensures the space cleared isn’t being refilled.

Enhanced Accessibility

A major benefit of documents being digitized means that they can be accessed from anywhere. Authorized individuals can bring up this information on their phone, on a tablet, or on a desktop computer with equal ease. Unlike paper documents, there’s no risk of damage to the document, and multiple copies aren’t created when more than one person needs it at a time.

Improved Collaboration

Thanks to a robust access tracking system, these documents can be accessed by multiple people at a time. They can work on them together, making the necessary changes, with each change being attributed to the one responsible. This helps facilitate teamwork and can smooth workflow as no one is waiting for the document because someone else has it.

Faster Retrieval

There is no comparison to digital document retrieval in terms of ease and speed of access. It’s no longer necessary to search through multiple boxes, filing cabinets, and desks to try to find where a file is located. They’ll always be accessible with just a few clicks of your keys.

Reduced Risk of Loss

Unlike physical documents, there’s no fear of digital documents becoming lost, destroyed, or damaged, regardless of how many times they’re used. New documents introduced through day forward scanning will never have to experience these dangers.

Easier Compliance

The ability to track, organize, and tag digital documents ensures that your records will always be kept in compliance with the regulations and standards of your industry. Documents will be sure to be kept as long as they’re required by law and can even be set up for immediate destruction once their retention period has passed. Record-keeping and document audits will never have been easier.

Enhanced Data Security

Digitized documents have a superior level of protection than physical documents. When you use day-forward scanning, your new documents will never be exposed to unauthorized eyes. They will be protected by the robust security system once filed into the document management system.

Real-Time Updates

There’s no delay in your documents being updated. The moment a change is made, the change, the time it happened. Then, the person responsible for that change are immediately recorded and updated. You’ll never have to worry about outdated documents or working with information that’s no longer relevant.

Searchable Content

One powerful tool that comes with digital documents is optical character recognition or OCR. The moment a document is digitized, it will be analyzed by OCR. Additionally, the desired portions of lettering found on it will be converted into text. This allows the contents to be easily searchable, and authorized individuals can edit certain elements of these documents.

Scan Thousands of Documents With Record Nations

These two systems are the most effective way of how to scan thousands of documents for your business. Record Nations can connect you with a member of our network of professional service providers. You’ll work with them to analyze the needs of your company. In addition, build a plan to help free you from the tyranny of paper-based record-keeping. With their help, your organization will be more productive, free from fear of documents being damaged, and ready to expand into the space reclaimed with offsite records storage and digitization of your records. Call (866) 385-3706 today or fill out the form today to contact our team.

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