Bulk Scanning Services for Your Office

Managing records for a business is a task that tends to be pushed aside. It can be overwhelming to deal with a large amount of documents. Digitizing an office that runs on paper is certainly daunting, but Record Nations can help as a one-stop-shop for the entire information lifecycle–including bulk scanning services. We can help with questions like: How can my office create a document management system with longevity? And, in the immediate future, how do I scan thousands of documents?

How To Bulk Scan Documents Quickly & Easily

The cost per page for document scanning is only a few pennies when done in bulk. This doesn’t sound like very much money, but it can add up to a tremendous cost that might be difficult to manage. To minimize these costs, we can help you with several strategies that give you the ability to move to a paperless system that can maximize utility at reasonable costs. We can help you avoid the high cost of bulk scanning every single document your office has.

Scan On Demand 

bulk document scanning services with record nations

Some documents are used regularly while others may never been needed again. Consider only scanning what will be used. Since it is difficult to know which documents are which you can use a scan on demand system.

All physical documents are put in a secure storage facility. Then, when they are needed, you request a scan of certain files.

The storage service pulls the document(s) and adds it to your private electronic archive. Over time the used documents are scanned and everything else is shredded once it passes its retention schedule.

Day Forward Scanning

Day Forward scanning is a cost-effective way to manage your records and clearly define what you’re going to scan, and what you’re going to archive.

This strategy gives medical practices and businesses time while they make the transition to from paper records management to an electronic document management system or EHR. With day-forward scanning, your business selects a date in the future when you will first scan your archives of existing papers. For now, your new documents will be scanned as soon as they are created.

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If you still need help don’t worry. A professional scanning service can offer expert advice on what method will work best for you.

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