Document & Hard Drive Destruction in Augusta, GA

document shredding & destructionProper disposal of your documents and data is critical in protecting your information. If files and devices are simply thrown out, your private and proprietary information can find its way into the hands of criminals. 

Protect your business, employees, and customers with shredding and hard drive destruction services. They will ensure that your information is safely destroyed and unrecoverable.

Document Destruction Services

Shredding protects your information from being exposed or used with ill intent. It also keeps you in compliance with privacy laws. Our shredding providers follow all federal and state laws, as well as HIPAA and FACTA regulations.

We offer several shredding options to meet the size and frequency of your shredding needs:

  • Drop-off locations: Best for small shredding projects, available as needed for drop-in services.
  • Mobile shredding: We come to your location and shred onsite. 
  • Offsite shredding: We will pick up your documents and deliver them to an offsite facility for destruction. 

Shredding is available on a recurring basis with weekly, monthly, and annual service options. You can pair shredding with scanning and storage services to dispose of documents you no longer need. Shredding can help you stay organized, manage retention dates, and clean up the paper clutter in your office.

Hard Drive Destruction and Degaussing

Identity theft and security breaches are real threats for businesses today. You must take every precaution to protect your data from being recovered and used without authorization. Hard drive destruction and degaussing work to destroy digital data that is stored within your hard drives and prevent recovery of your private information. 

Here are some ways to properly dispose of electronic media:

  • Hard Drive Shredding: Shredding breaks down your devices, shreds the pieces, and recycles the fragments. It completely destroys the entire device making your data impossible to recover.
  • Hard Drive Degaussing: Degaussing uses high-powered magnets to scramble your data making it difficult to decipher. 
  • Hard Drive Crushing: Crushing punches holes into your hard drives to shatter the platters and destroy your data.

Protect Your Data With Destruction Services in Augusta Today!

Destruction services are the final step in the document management process. Proper disposal of your media and documents will ensure that your confidential information remains private. Stay protected and in compliance with Record Nations today. Call us at (706) 314-8494 or fill out the form to receive free quotes from local providers today. 

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