The Benefits of Having Cloud Storage at Home

Benefits of SaaS Cloud Storage

COVID-19 forced a large number of employers to begin shifting towards having employees work from home. Additionally, many traditionally paper-based and in-person businesses are now needing to find and implement a new system for employees to work remotely. Cloud storage at home provides an opportunity for employees to work from with ease.

Luckily, tools like cloud storage can provide an answer to all of the problems with adapting to working from home. In this video or the transcription below, learn how cloud storage offers solutions to various issues with working remotely. This includes learning what exactly cloud storage is and how it can benefit working from home.

Formally Defining Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a subscription-based SaaS (Software as a Service) option for managing digital files. Instead of filing cabinets or folders on a computer, data is stored on a server in a remote physical location providing instantaneous access from any device with an internet connection.

Providers directly handle the IT aspects which is another advantage of digital storage. This makes it easy for workers to implement even with limited technical knowledge.

Cloud Storage: An Answer to Working From Home’s Problems

Record Nations Provides Cloud Storage as an Answer to Working From Home's ProblemsDuring a surge of jobs where employees are working from home, many businesses are having to change how they store and manage the documents and other files that workers use for their everyday work. With an inability to access hard-copy resources, businesses are turning to the use of cloud storage. This accommodates various roadblocks that come with working from home. Additionally, this ranges from collaborating with co-workers and having meetings to accessing other documents in the office.

Rather than a single location like a device’s hard drive, with cloud storage files are stored in a digital “cloud” where as long as you have access to that cloud, you have access to all the information and files you’ll need regardless of your location.

It’s an ideal way for remote workers to manage documents, share files, and work more cohesively as a team. With cloud storage, many of its benefits help provide a solution to various issues at-home employees encounter.

The Benefits of Having Cloud Storage at Home for Remote Work

Cloud storage provides employees the convenience of remote work and plenty of other benefits as well.

Improved Accessibility

The phrase “working from home” suggests employees can only do work they have access to while confined in their house. However, cloud storage allows for more widespread accessibility and efficiency.

Storing and organizing files on a remote cloud storage server provides access from anywhere via the internet. Additionally, it also provides a centralized system for accessing other files like co-workers’ documents when you’re working together.

Better Collaboration and No Duplication

Better Collaboration and No Duplication With Cloud Storage from Record NationsEditing paper documents requires printing out duplicates. If multiple people create and edit different copies of the same file, it’s easy to lose and miscommunicate data.

Cloud storage streamlines collaboration. With digital files, you can work with others on the same documents and projects simultaneously. When files are edited, a single version is updated to keep changes organized.

Simplified Data Backups

Whether it’s concerned about disasters like accidental file deletion or spilling your morning coffee on the computer sitting in your lap instead, with cloud storage, you always have a backup of all your data stored on remote storage servers to fall back on.

In many cases, cloud storage systems have tools for automatic backups. You can upload and add new files immediately after creation. However, you can save spare copies of files manually if needed.

Subscription-Based for Temporary Needs

As a SaaS, cloud storage costs are subscription-based and don’t require businesses to personally invest in any kind of equipment. Besides the benefit of saving on up-front costs, you can cancel and stop cloud storage subscriptions at any time. This makes them a flexible option for when work-from-home needs are constantly changing.

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