Data Manipulation: It’s Not As Bad As It Sounds

It’s easy to mistake data manipulation for something bad but it is nowhere near what you’re thinking about right now. It’s actually just a term that refers to a computer language that changes information in a database. Manipulation involves processes like moving data, changing, or removing a record. And often times, these manipulations are needed to be done. However, a user cannot successfully make these changes if the database is not designed properly.

A good reason why businesses ask a developer to create the data manipulation language is the need to store important information in the database. But without the proper language, the user won’t be able to make any changes, rendering the stored data less useful.

Data manipulation language is quite simple comparing to other more complex computer languages. The user simply uses commands like “DELETE” or “UPDATE” when manipulating the data. But then again, the database should be designed properly in order for these commands to work flawlessly.

Two Types of Data Manipulation Language

1. Procedural Way. Most businesses prefer the procedural way of data manipulation language. Here, the user picks the datum he wants to work on and tells the database how he’d like to obtain the datum itself. This way is harder for users to use but the procedural way makes sure that all database records are surely kept.

2. Nonprocedural Way. This coding language allows the user to pick the datum he’d like to work on but doesn’t tell the database how he’d like to obtain the datum. This method requires less code, which mean that it will be easier for the user to use it. However, since this isn’t an official way to work with the database, the user can experience unexpected coding errors.


Business owners should hire a company that specializes in making data manipulation language or DML. You must look for an expert that has a complete and thorough understanding of what your business is about and what your operational needs are. The programmer also needs to know what your future database needs will be in order to create an effective language.

Nevertheless, the professional should also share his knowledge with you and teach you how to use the DML properly. He cannot just simply install the language and tell you the commands. You must know how your database and DML works as well. For all but the most technical users you will need to implement a graphic interface.

Data manipulation is important for records managers as more records moves from paper to electronic document management. Much of the information is stored in a database. After the document scanning is completed and OCR completed, data manipulation will automate the process of extracting the required data fields in the correct format. This makes it easier to use the information but increases the complexity of its management. Data is often exporting to third party applications or may be migrating to different databases as business needs change. This is where some expertise in data manipulation is required to manage the project.

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