What Is A Redacted Document?

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Privacy is a top concern among organizations, especially companies in industries that frequently handle confidential information.

To keep the private elements of a file secure without invalidating the entire document, the process of document redaction, sometimes referred to as sanitization, is executed.

What Is Document Redaction?

Document redaction is a process performed on documents that contain confidential information. Before a document is published, the private information, whether it be text or images, is permanently removed. On physical files this can be done with a black marker, but digital documents are redacted with software that automates the redaction process.

With the volume of documents containing sensitive information increasing and the concern over privacy growing stronger, creating a solid document redaction process is ever-more valuable.

Ineffective or incomplete document redaction can be detrimental, and there are several digital process that on the surface may look like redaction, but can easily be reversed, exposing the protected information and causing embarrassing and costly consequences. For this reason, using reliable, tried and tested redaction software is a must.

When Do I Redact Documents?

Any organization publishing or circulating documents containing private information should use redaction processes.

Healthcare Industry Document RedactionGovernment documents, legal files, and medical records are common examples of paperwork requiring redaction. These industries use redaction services frequently, but any document containing personal or private information should be redacted.

Examples of information that requires protection include:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Driver’s license or professional license numbers
  • PHI and other medical information
  • Financial documents and files
  • Proprietary information or trade secrets
  • Judiciary records
  • Individuals’ addresses, dates and months of birth, and other unique identifiers (PII)

How Document Redaction Works

Depending on the format of your records the redaction process can be simple or complex. Paper records can be redacted using a black marker, but this process is slow and inefficient.

Digital files are much easier to redact because OCR technologies and automated redaction software reduces the time it takes to protect confidential information. This is the digital document redaction process:

  1. Scan physical files into a digital format
  2. Use OCR services to make your digital files editable
  3. Document redaction software automatically redacts private information

Once your files have gone through the redaction process they can be filed away. Electronic files can easily be indexed and saved for future use.

Find a Document Redaction Service Solution for your Needs

Protect confidential information with document redaction servicesKeeping the private information your company handles safe should be a top priority at your organization. A thorough and reliable redaction procedure will help your company comply with information security laws and reduce the time it takes to perform the redaction process.

Record Nations will help you find a document redaction solution and a records management strategy to help keep your records organized and secure.

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