How to Track Retention With Off-Site Storage

records stored in a warehouse

Off-site storage offers a secure way to store your sensitive documents while also keeping them safe from environmental damage like fire or flooding.

But if you work in an industry that requires records retention, you may be concerned about how off-site storage can make sure you’re staying compliant. Luckily, managing retention with off-site storage is easy.

How to Manage Record Retention Off Site

Before your records are stored, they will be indexed using barcodes or RFID tracking. If you take care to organize your records before sending them to a document storage service, tracking and handling retention is a breeze.

1. Organize By Retention TimeOrganize by retention time

First, organize the records in each box by retention time. Then, group boxes with similar retention times together.

If the boxes are organized properly, the storage provider can make them available on request. Additionally, many storage services will provide both physical and digital delivery of your records.

2. Provider Picks Up Boxes

The provider will pick up your boxes and transport them to the record storage facility. There, the contents of each box are recorded for easy retrieval later on.

You can also specify a retention time. Because all of your records are so well organized, it will be easy for the storage provider to track your records and let you know when their retention time is up.

3. Provider Handles Shredding

The storage provider will alert you when the retention period is over. Because many record storage services have a shred partner or on-site shredding, your provider will handle the shredding for you. This is more secure than other options because your records are stored and destroyed in one place.

After your records are shredded, you will receive a certificate of destruction. This certificate provides details about the shredding and proves that you complied with all records retention requirements.

Need to Use Off-Site Records Retention?

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