What is Offsite Tape Storage?

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As a business owner, you know that there is certain information that you must keep track of. Some records must be attainable at any given time for referential purposes. However, laws also require to retain tapes for a specific amount of time before disposing them.

Rather than allowing multiple piles of papers and files to continue to take up space in your office, many businesses have chosen to utilize an electronic document management system (EDMS). This allows businesses to free up any space from the records they don’t often use.

Offsite backup tape storage is another option for a document management system. This option clears up some of that space. It also provides you with an extra sense of security.

Rather than relying on a computer software program to back up your information, you can convert your documents to disaster-proof backup tapes. This allows you to keep physical copies of your records while still providing you with more space and less stress.

What is the Process for Backup Tape Storage?

Offsite tape storage services are available through Record NationsIn choosing to take advantage of a backup tape storage service, you are ensuring the safety and security of your confidential data. All of your information will transfer onto backup tapes that the service provider scans for tracking. The service provider transports them to an offsite storage facility.

The facility also offers climate controls. Here, they are rotating regularly so they will not damage over time. If you need access to any of your information, your storage facility will deliver the tapes right to your location.

With a backup tape rotation service, your information is available to you without occupying space in your office. You can also rest assured in knowing that your information is protected from being lost, stolen, or ruined in the event of a disaster at your location.

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