You Don’t Have to Be an Adult to Have Your Identity Stolen

Data is everywhere, and it continues to grow and spread every day. This information can contain sensitive information within it. However, many people are not concerned about identity theft.

The issue with a lot of data is that there are more possibilities for the thieves and hackers to find your personal data. Unless you protect your data well.

Additionally, people often don’t realize that identity theft doesn’t just impact adults but kids too. Minors have personal information too. Simply put, it doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 60—identity theft can impact anyone.

Why Identify Theft Protection Is a Lifelong Requirement

The chances are much higher for adults to be at risk. This is because they have countless of accounts on social media, banks, mailers, and more. Additionally, adults produce transactions with businesses online and in-store.

However, someone’s identity can still be stolen before even turning 10 or knowing how to drive. There are school records which contain critical information as well as medical information in doctors offices or school nurse’s office.

Different Types of Information Stolen from Minors

A minor’s social security number is the most at risk and particularly desirable for thieves to steal. With the amount of paperwork filled out, there are numerous sets of data points which are vulnerable.

Social security numbers are on records at school, including the main office, nurse’s office, and counselor’s offices. Additionally, this personal information is on medical records as well as insurance paperwork. Additional personal information is on passports and state IDs as well.

Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

This information is found on many different places. Because of the risks and costs of identity theft, it’s critical to take proper steps to protect your information.

Additionally, a good way to control the information is to simply know where the information is. It’s important to remember and know where the minor’s information is being distributed, so it’s easier to control.

There are additional ways to help the process of data protection, including shredding documents you don’t need to keep, storing specific documents, and even scanning records with encryption capabilities.

Overall, it’s critical to protect adult and minor’s personal information. This will help eliminate the risks and costs associated with identity theft. Any simple step taken to protect the information is more productive than not.

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