Differences Between File Sharing & Cloud Storage or Backup

File sharing is a way to help you share pictures, videos, documents and more. Also known as cloud storage, it reduces the hassle of an on-site or internal network and gives you access to your online storage from any computer. Cloud storage and file sharing saves you time and your company money. It’s one of the easiest ways to centralize your file storage.

Backing Up Your Data

Backing up your critical data is another aspect of cloud storage systems. Older archive systems like tape rotation are becoming a thing of the past- now, your data is backed up regularly with an online solution that transfers your data through an Internet connection.

The data is mirrored at multiple data centers to guarantee the integrity of the data so that it is very difficult to have a catastrophic or complete data loss.

This is where it might get somewhat confusing—most of these providers also offer online storage for all your files. Nevertheless, the great thing about having your file sharing and your backup system with one service is that It eliminates the need to have an physical files and expensive on-site server just to house your day-to-day operations and your critical business files.

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