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Backup tape rotation is a critical step in creating an effective data backup strategy. It is a system that works with digital data stored on magnetic tape. Magnetic tape has a high volume capacity and is very affordable, making it a great option for backing up individual workstations or small networks. 

Rotation minimizes the amount of media needed by reusing tape once tape retention periods expire. Our rotation services make sure that your records are backed up regularly and rotated as frequently as needed. Rotation ensures that your tapes contain up-to-date data and protects against theft and natural disaster.

Our backup tape vaulting facilities are secured with 24/7 monitoring and climate control. We make sure that your tape is handled properly and kept safe. We have a network of trusted tape rotation and vaulting providers across the country. Record Nations will connect you with local providers and storage facilities in just minutes.

The Benefits of Regular Tape Rotation

Secure tape rotation is a useful tool for effective records management. It provides many benefits for modern businesses. Learn more about backup tape rotation services by contacting us today. Our knowledgeable representatives are happy to discuss our service options and help you select storage services that would most benefit your organization.


Magnetic tape is a physical storage medium that cannot be hacked or deleted, protecting your data from common digital hazards. Our providers practice safe handling by transporting tape in locked bins with secure vehicles and document the chain of custody with barcode scanning. Our facilities are highly secure and include emergency retrieval services to provide quick access. 


Magnetic tape can last more than 10 years and be reused numerous times when handled properly. It is an excellent choice for data with extended retention requirements.


Reusing your magnetic tape with rotation services lowers costs for bulk data storage. 

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