Document Transcription Service

document transcriptionBehind the scenes, document transcription services get rid of your cumbersome data entry so that your brand remains in the spotlight. You’ll never have to manually key-in your documents’ information into your computer again.

What Are Document Transcription Services

If you need more information from your paper documents and forms than just scanning an image and an ID number for indexing, then document transcription services are for you.

Document transcription services are far less expensive than employing someone, full or part-time, to manually key-in your data. Many transcription services also perform with far greater accuracy than traditional OCR by leveraging a combination of both ICR and OCR technology, algorithms, and tailored data validations. Plus, they do not require lengthy setup procedures or high upfront costs.

Transcription services digitize printed or handwritten texts so that they can be electronically edited, searched, stored more compactly, displayed online, and integrated with other software.

Who Benefits From Document Transcription Services?

Document transcription services benefit any business or organization that actually needs to use the information recorded on their paper documents. Transcribing your paper forms will empower your employees, improve your business processes, increase productivity, inform through analytics, and fuel revenue-generating activities.

Moving Towards Digital

Transcription is also the simplest and most unobtrusive first step to digitizing paper processes, ultimately moving your business closer to the digital age with minimal changes. If you are looking for digital solutions in the future, than document transcription services are the best place to start.

Document Transcription In Action

Do you want to eliminate the lost time and costs associated with manually transcribing your data?

Although there are near countless examples of the utility of transcription, here are a couple examples so that you visualize the different ways it could work in your business.

Example 1: Legal and Healthcare

Whether your space is legal or healthcare, client intake forms are often filled out on paper, only to be keyed-in to a computer later on. Transcription services disrupt this process, through either a quick scan or cell phone picture of the client intake form.

Instead of keying-in the information from those forms, transcription services will extract the information from a picture of the form (either via scanner or cell phone camera). Once extracted, that information can be used for analytics, reporting, or plugged into various other software applications.

Some transcription services offer integration services as well, meaning that the client intake form information will automatically appear in your client management system, accounting system, or any of more than 750+ other popular software applications of your choice.<

Security precautions also ensure that the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on these forms is treated in a way fully compliant with all relevant regulations.

Example 2: Construction

After writing up a bid for work on your house, the contractor can take a picture of the bid so it is automatically submitted for document transcription. This service allows data to be pulled from the contractors handwritten document so it can be sent to the proper software systems.  Shortly, you receive a confirmation email based off of the contact information you wrote on his bid sheet, and the contractor’s accounting software generates a new invoice.

All of this information can also be connected seamlessly with electronic form submissions to cater to both contractors who prefer paper and those who prefer digital methods.

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